Implico's vision for a transparent energy future

In the September 2023 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, Thomas Fahland, Director of Product Management at Implico, delves into the transformative potential of data technology in the energy sector. With the imminent EU Supply Chain Act, which mandates rigorous monitoring of the entire upstream supply chain, the call for transparency has never been louder.

Fahland underscores the importance of technologies like data analysis, blockchain, and the intriguing concept of “biotagging.” Biotagging involves embedding biological or chemical markers into products, serving as unique identifiers that carry essential information about the product’s origin and properties.

The article also touches upon the challenges posed by the energy transition and the increasing scrutiny of the energy sector. With the diversification of market stakeholders and heightened public interest, there’s a pressing need for a new approach to data processing.

Implico is actively addressing these challenges. By harnessing cloud services, we aim to eliminate existing inefficiencies in the supply chain, particularly in areas like refinery production and customs duties. As the energy industry stands at a crossroads, Implico’s vision is to foster a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and unparalleled transparency.

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