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European regulations on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are becoming increasingly strict and complex. The challenge is to comply with these directives and statutory provisions while still being able to conduct business profitably.

Implico can help your company establish a sound end-to-end reporting and verification process through its portfolio of services.

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In-depth CO2 consulting
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Comprehensive reporting by UnitedDAT
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Compliance as a managed service
In-depth CO2 consulting

Anticipation is building when it comes to the ever-evolving landscape of CO2 taxation and environmental certification. While the specifics may still be in development, now is the time to prepare for the future. With the expertise and data-driven insights to navigate all forthcoming regulatory changes, Implico is your reliable partner going forward when it comes to energy and CO2 management.

We help you to answer the crucial questions:

  • How advanced am I in my sustainability journey today?
  • How do I reach net zero emissions?
  • How do I build on what I already have (e.g., existing energy efficiency technology)?
  • How to combine existing technologies with disruptive technologies?
  • How can digitalization help to achieve my sustainability goals?

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming challenges associated with CO2 emissions regulations, book a free-of-charge 30-minute CO2 consultation with renowned industry expert Christian Dustmann and receive a catalogue of recommendations tailored to your company’s situation.

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Comprehensive reporting by UnitedDAT

UnitedDAT from Implico adds value to your business by gathering huge amounts of data that can be used, for example, for verifiable CO2 accounting in CSRD reports. Ultimately, it is essential to post the right numbers and ensure they are ready to be evaluated as part of the wider energy transition.

We are currently developing a reporting service catering to all your business processes. This service is designed to show you the extent of your CO2 consumption and list all CO2-relevant variables in a transparent format.

In accordance with our unwavering commitment to sustainability, our consulting services are designed to keep you fully compliant and ahead of the curve. Place your trust in Implico to turn regulatory challenges into growth opportunities for your business.

cs UnitedDAT
Compliance as a managed service

Thanks to UnitedDAT, we can provide you with all the data you need for your entire CO2 reporting process. You receive powerful reporting that you benefit from on a monthly basis.

As this managed service is currently in development, we would greatly appreciate your input. If you are interested in this service – tailored entirely to your requirements – please contact us. The best way to tackle the challenges that lie ahead is to focus on the specific situations your company is facing right now.

Factors relevant to CO2 emissions:

  • Power consumption
  • Water security
  • Waste generation
  • Procurement routes
  • Energy use
  • Recycling rates and more
CO2 Customer Assessment Workshop

Dashboard in a Day – Bring Your Own Data

Do you want to optimize your reporting on CO2 emissions and sustainability while reducing the time spent on manual processes? The increasing flood of new legal regulations in the energy and climate protection sectors presents significant challenges to companies. This is exactly where our new workshop comes in.

In this specially developed program, you will learn how to build an integrated, automated reporting system for market-based instruments and sustainability. We cover crucial areas such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS), the national emissions trading system (nEHS), the CO2 Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), the greenhouse gas quota, and sustainability reporting obligations.

Benefit from our extensive experience in management and IT consulting for the international energy and natural resources industry. Our workshop offers you a deep insight into legal and regulatory requirements, supports you in analyzing the current maturity level of your reporting, and shows strategies for optimization and automation.

Download our informational flyer and get in touch with us to learn more about this workshop, exclusively offered in German. Let’s revolutionize your reporting together!


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Would you like to find out more about CO2 accounting/GHG protocol, the Nabisy-system and national/international certificate trading?
Then book a free-of-charge 30-minute CO2 consultation with the renowned industry expert Christian Dustmann and receive recommendations tailored to your individual situation.

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Christian Dustmann
Management Consultant
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CO2 Webinar

Join our expert webinars with the latest updates in the field of CO2 reporting and the upcoming challenges associated with CO2 emissions regulations.

The next Webinar with our CO2 expert Christian Dustmann will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 10-11:00.

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Keep abreast of the latest trends and challenges in CO2 emission regulations by subscribing to our monthly CO2 Newsletter. This essential resource includes industry updates and insights from CO2 expert, Christian Dustmann.

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