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Implico's Partner Ecosystem

Since our company was founded in 1984, we have worked continually to reinforce our strong partner ecosystem, so that together we may push forward the digitalization of the supply chain of energy and natural resources while setting new industry standards. 

We have developed many of our solutions to date – from terminal management through to end consumer sales – in partnership with our customers. Our international partner network consists of a wide range of companies that have a stake in this industry, such as SAP, Microsoft and AWS, as well as product and service providers specializing in the fields of system integration, security certification, asset management, and level 1 and 2 products and services.

Join our global partner network!
For a secure future
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We are working to make the supply chain of energy and natural resources future-proof. 

For shared benefits
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We are looking for partners – whether at regional level, participants in co-selling activities, software developers or technology companies – that will come with us all the way. 

For global networking
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Help us to build a unique global ecosystem by applying your expertise, thereby enabling various partners to benefit while you benefit from other customers’ knowledge and experience.

Alliance Partner
Technology Partner
Solution Partner
Alliance Partner

Better together

Alliance partners and Implico form a strategic collaboration aiming to achieve common business goals. We’ll combine resources and share knowledge to increase market reach and generate mutual growth. This partnership is geared toward long-term business strategies and can involve partners from various industries.

Technology Partner

Technology is our Foundation

Our technology partners provide specific technological solutions, tools, or platforms that can be integrated into our products, services, or operations. This partnership involves technical collaboration and the sharing of technology-based expertise, helping us together to provide the best technological solutions.

Solution Partner

Together we solve problems

Solution partners with Implico collaborate with us to solve specific customer needs or business problems. This partnership will often involve integrating our products or services to deliver greater value to customers. We’ll jointly offer strategic advice and technological execution, enhancing each other’s offerings.


Exchanging ideas

We are ambassadors for co-creation, networking and stakeholder-oriented mindsets. We firmly believe we are stronger together, which is why we ardently support the notion of working as a collective. For us, associations are essential for exchanging ideas, establishing connections in the market, and creating synergy.

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FETSA Logo as Partner of Implico

Supply Chain United

We are leading the way in our efforts to develop a global industry design – Supply Chain United – for end-to-end digital transformation in the supply chain of energy and natural resources.

Founded on the principle of SaaS, the platform offers a range of key innovations for all participants, including a subscription-based open framework with cloud-based products and business functions. This guarantees streamlined implementation with no need for major investments as well as a modular approach that allows users to combine products according to their preferences.



One key element of our partner ecosystem is our longstanding partnership with SAP. Through its pioneering experience, SAP has helped us to channel our unique expertise into SAP ERP developments. We also use this expertise to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the supply chain of energy and natural resources.

The proof: our official SAP standard solutions for secondary distribution and fuels retailing, SAP S/4 HANA SDM and SAP S/4HANA RFNO, of which we are solely responsible for their development and management.

With four decades of experience in the industry, we are a one-of-a-kind SAP development partner and a workbench for secondary distribution and fuels retailing in the supply chain of energy and natural resources.

We actively apply our SAP expertise to ensure the terminal management sector is fit for the future. Our new industry platform, Supply Chain United (SCU), offers users a modular system where all software solutions – including expansions (AddONs) – can be accessed and combined as desired.



Our goal is to establish co-creation as a future-proof standard in our industry. Cooperation in network-like structures involving a steady exchange of knowledge creates an environment based on trust where loyalty among customers and employees prevails. We empower our employees and partners to become co-creators and use their expertise to offer professional consulting services based on a mutual spirit of collaboration.

Jennifer Hartmann
Account Manager

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