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Automating business processes is an important factor for success, especially for companies that are part of the supply chain of energy and natural resources. Automated processes increase operational efficiency, optimize throughput times, facilitate operational transparency and improve flexibility when adapting to changes in business processes.

In an industry responsible for the transportation and storage of hazardous goods, it is especially worthwhile to replace manual work with automated processes and to digitalize business processes on an end-to-end basis, as this minimizes the risk of errors. Another obstacle is the scarcity of qualified employees. Automation insulates a company against the effects of employee turnover. 

Through UnitedBPA, Implico provides a service portfolio tailored to the needs of the energy industry: from advice on digital transformation to realizing a company’s potential for automation.



UnitedBPA enables you to deploy IT solutions quickly and efficiently in pursuit of intelligent automation:
RPA tools (robot process automation) enable manual activities to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively both internally and for your customers. A specific example is the use of bots that independently identify and analyze recurring human activities using cutting-edge technologies, before ultimately transforming them into fully independent or independently interactive applications.
This saves you from having to connect all manner of AddONs to your existing software solutions and allows you to integrate innovative new IT solutions into your complex back-end systems.

Use Cases
UnitedBPA Infrastructural resource
Infrastructure resource management
image image

UnitedBPA solutions independently detect anticipated conflicts in terminal infrastructure use (e.g. jetties, line sections) that may arise due to deviations in planning data (e.g. the delayed arrival of a ship).
The required information is taken from various sources (that, at present, are often not linked to each other), prompting measures to be automatically taken and all relevant parties to be informed. In the example involving the use of a jetty, this leads to a new, valid plan to be prepared and the ship’s captain and customer to be informed accordingly.

UnitedBPA Critical Area
Critical area inspection
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UnitedBPA solutions process the data from autonomous functional units used in high-risk areas (robots or monitoring equipment) to automatically prompt the best possible response based on this information – in combination with the operational context available in the terminal management system. One example is a controlled shutdown of parts of a facility and the rerouting of activities that have already been planned to alternative facilities.

UnitedBPA Event Contextualizing
Event contextualization
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The supply and demand of energy sources are heavily influenced by geopolitical events and other global occurrences such as natural catastrophes. A UnitedBPA solution categorizes and contextualizes relevant news from various sources and initiates suitable stabilization and safeguarding measures for a company’s operations. Example: limiting maximum daily pick-up quantities, actively informing a customer about anticipated logistics bottlenecks, and prioritizing certain activities over others.

UnitedBPA Continuous Stock
Continuous stock reconciliation
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By providing a constant comparison of target and actual tank stock and checking inventory changes against underlying operational plans, this enables potential leakages and faulty pumping operations to be detected as soon as possible and suitable measures to be taken (e.g. halting a product flow). Deviations to set tolerances can be automatically adjusted (such as daily) by making entry corrections (gains/losses), and the relevant reporting system can then be activated.


The 7 key benefits of UnitedBPA

1. Better performance and productivity
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based on data-driven decision-making

2. Minimization of risks
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through the end-to-end digitalization of business processes

3. Reduced risk of failure
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thanks to transparency and the proactive monitoring of production and logistics processes

4. Predictive maintenance
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based on advanced analyses of the condition of the facility and the resulting dynamic changes to operational processes

5. Compliance with legal provisions
image image

by adhering to defined processes in a transparent, fully traceable way

6. Comprehensive reporting
image image

by automatically preparing full, verifiable reports

7. Increased sustainability
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by optimizing energy consumption and emissions


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If you wish to remain competitive and agile in the energy and logistics industry, there is no way around digital transformation or process automation.
Take advantage of the end-to-end expertise that only Implico can provide – based on 40 years of experience and our understanding of the industry.
Our consulting experts are there for you.

Harald Wentsch
Chief Operations Officer
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