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Managing your operations as a downstream company is no easy feat. Volatile demand and consumption, coupled with increasing capital discipline, only add to the challenge of moving refined products from terminals to customers. It is little wonder that companies are feeling the pressure to raise margins and revenues. At the same time, there is a need to build resilient supply chains while connecting regularly with new partners. 

For this to happen, energy companies across the globe need to accelerate their digital journeys by automating processes, reducing operating costs and leveraging the power of data to become future-ready, customer-centric companies.

While this all sounds good in theory, putting it into practice is more complex. The best place to start is to consolidate your IT landscape – from multiple applications to a single system – and create a structure that ties everything together.

Trust us: this is time and effort well spent.

Consulting as the basis for the right solutions
  1. It takes competence to provide you with comprehensive advice on digital transformation 
  2. It requires expertise for a digitalization strategy and business process optimization
  3. It calls for solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements 

Introducing UnitedSDM: the next-level solution for secondary distribution management that paves the way for the future

UnitedSDM consists of the core solution SAP S/4 HANA SDM and can be expanded with useful AddON Solutions to cover all your needs in secondary distribution. Elsewhere, UnitedBPA facilitates process automation based on AI & machine learning. 

Compatibility with all external data and software formats is provided by UnitedDAT, which also enables companies, regardless of their data source, to prepare data for analysis and business decision-making. This allows for preventive maintenance, data-driven automated operations and sustainability reporting.

Core Solution

SAP-based secondary distribution management, exclusively developed by Implico.

AddON Solutions

Easy-to-implement expansions to improve secondary distribution operations for your business.

Intelligent Automation & Consulting

Profit from the enormous potential of business intelligence and machine learning with Implico’s portfolio of automation services.


Data Management Services & Consulting

Implico’s new system and data integration portal connects all trading partners in the supply chain and enables them to prepare data for analysis and business decision-making.


Benefit from our expertise

Implico offers the full scope of services for secondary distribution, ranging from consulting and software solutions to managing entire operational processes. 

The managed-service option puts a team of specialists at your disposal that will take care of virtually all your IT activities and save your IT department a great deal of time and effort.

LT Nedon
Holm Nedon
Chief Consulting Officer

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