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Digitalization is causing the number of different interfaces and the volumes of data we exchange to grow rapidly. This is precisely why it is essential to have a strong concept that sets out how to handle this data and generate maximum value from it.

Good data is the key to smooth business collaboration – especially because energy companies are facing major challenges when it comes to compliance and regulatory requirements.

With politicians and society demanding the ability to trace all energy sources across the entire supply chain, the need to do this is becoming increasingly urgent and more complex in terms of form and scope, not least due to new regulations such as the Supply Chain Act.

Only highly sophisticated data management services can cope with the sheer volume of data and files, identify links and correlations, and understand how to resolve issues and satisfy legal provisions as they arise.

Introducing UnitedDAT: the new data management service that connects all players in the supply chain of energy and natural resources and helps them attain maximum profit through data-driven decisions for forecasting and planning.


Significantly increase efficiency!

UnitedDAT not only handles the entire data exchange for companies and allows for integration between different IT systems, but it can be used for intelligent tasks such as end-to-end process reporting, visualization and advanced analytics by using state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and AI.

Available in 3 expansion levels.
UnitedDAT Data Mapping
Data mapping & consolidation
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As a data broker, UnitedDAT offers fully automated data transfer mapping and data checks.  It does so by collecting, validating and correcting all data from relevant trading partners, such as terminals, haulers, fuel stations and financial institutions. This service includes manual follow-up when data is missing.

Next, the data is translated, completed, rearranged and unified, before being transferred in an ordered, completed and standardized format. This enables companies to process the data quickly, use it without delay and focus entirely on their core business.

UnitedDAT unifies data from any source, format or technology, enabling our team to offer a comprehensive set of data exchange features, back-office services and intelligent data processing to connected partners.

With level 1 alone, UnitedDAT contributes significantly to standardization and cost reduction in system and partner integration.

UnitedDAT Outsourced
Outsourced data management
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Building on level 1, Implico offers a comprehensive, worry-free data management package. Under this model, we take ownership of organizing and managing your integration with business partners: from design to realization through to maintenance and problem solving.

We are the ideal partner for this service because we have built up a huge network in the midstream and downstream industry by speaking its language and understanding its specialties. We know all the players in the market and can rapidly detect where problems lie and whom to contact in order to resolve them. With our vast network, we can connect all participants and help their customers leverage synergy with ease.

UnitedDAT Data Analytics
Data analytics for operational excellence 
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At level 3, UnitedDAT enables you to gain a holistic overview of your organization, business operations, performance and profitability, such as for reporting purposes. The underlying core data (a data lake), usually distinguished according to operational or commercial area, is further interpreted and transferred into an end-to-end business context; this is also facilitated via machine learning and AI technology. The context can be completed by making available additional valuable information through external sources, such as weather forecasts, vehicle locations, Platts prices and exchange rates.

By combining information so intelligently, this immediately uncovers causalities between basic activities and their business impact. Patterns are recognized, showing the positive or negative influence of operational activities that previously appeared to be irrelevant. Credible information of this kind enables you to improve your business in specific areas, mitigate critical areas and ensure operational excellence step by step and without paying to implement unnecessary brute-force changes. This is a way to increase profit at no risk and with maximum efficiency.

Finally, the information consolidated and interpreted by UnitedDAT is made available for use by other solutions such as SAP Control Tower along with various applications to meet a host of legal requirements, e.g. CSRD reporting at local level. In doing so, UnitedDAT facilitates the end-to-end processing of information in a consistent, fully transparent manner, managing the complex task of data compilation and interpretation ahead of its final formatting stage as part of other solutions.


10 reasons to choose UnitedDAT:

1. Simplicity
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You only need to connect your IT system to Implico and we take care of the rest: setting up interfaces, communicating with your partners, finding solutions, and more.

2. Comfort
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We check, map and process the data for you – providing you with qualified data and reports at all times.

3. Compatibility
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UnitedDAT handles all conventional formats and transmits the data in any desired format.

4. Connectivity
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Instead of being connected to numerous partners, you receive data solely from UnitedDAT to keep your technological setup streamlined. This makes downtime planning, technical modifications (LPS, etc.) and coordination much easier.

5. Security
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UnitedDAT protects your ERP system, as you have only a single open connection rather than open interfaces to all kinds of partners.

6. Reliability
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Secure handling and distribution are guaranteed for data both from your own company and partners. The process is supervised by an experienced team that resolves any issues to avoid problems such as data gaps in sustainability reporting.

7. Compliance
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UnitedDAT complies with the ISMS as defined by ISO/IEC 27001.

8. 24/7 availability
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All relevant information is readily available and easy to access from any location.

9. Money saved
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There is no need to run your own clearing center. Instead, you receive all key data based on a fixed monthly rate.

10. Future-readiness
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UnitedDAT can be quickly adapted in response to developments and disruptions.

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Our USP: Network & expertise

Having specialized in the downstream industry for 40 years, we combine sophisticated programming with typical German accuracy. Implico operates two state-of-the-art data centers that comply with all current policies and regulations, including ISMS (Information Security Management System) as defined by the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

Based on our unique business experience and extensive network in all disciplines – from storage to transportation and finance – we take care of the groundwork when it comes to data exchange and management and pave the way for the intelligent utilization of this data, so you receive maximum benefit.

Wolfram Wege
Head of Global Marketing
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