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Terminal management based on decades of experience

OpenTAS is the digital heart of any modern terminal. It gives all types of storage facilities a comprehensive overview of their inventories and movements.All measurement data, bookings and stocks are available from a centralized location in the system. Based on this data, your tank terminal staff can take their operational excellence to a new level. At the same time, in-depth reporting functions enable the management team to make meaningful decisions.

Three solution variants

OpenTAS is designed for all types of terminals and tasks. It can be an on-premise or cloud solution, offered on a license or subscription basis. All OpenTAS variants are linked to Supply Chain United by Implico. This enables you to integrate future solutions into the system, including solutions developed by external partners.

5 reasons to choose OpenTAS
OpenTAS OutBox
Out of the box
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OpenTAS offers the most comprehensive set of features for the operation of tank storage facilities of any kind. Available out of the box and with full functionality.

OpenTas Fits All
Fits all
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OpenTAS is available for terminals of any size and any product/infrastructure type and can be configured to meet all customer requirements.

OpenTAS Future
EMCS certification
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OpenTAS is certified for EMCS 2.5 by the German customs office, automatically handling customs declarations for loading processes.

OpenTas Safe
Safe and reliable
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OpenTAS was developed based on 40 years of experience and guarantees secure business operations in accordance with legal requirements for stock transfers, transportation and orderly accounting.

OpenTas Managed
Available as a managed service
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The full-service option requires no IT Infrastructure and zero IT management outlay.

We offer application support and enhancement, business consulting and business services from a single source. Our product and process experts at our Customer Support Center are ready to assist and will continue to guide you long after your go-live!


GO for high-end performance on a low-end budget!

Teaser OpenTas GO IDT
The Terminal Management Solution for Inland Distribution Terminals
Teaser OpenTas GO MRT
The Terminal Management Solution for Marine Terminals
Teaser OpenTas GO SPT
The Terminal Management Solution for Special Products Terminals

OpenTAS is a vendor-independent solution that can be used with any type of in-the-field equipment. It can be integrated into all existing IT landscapes, because Implico supports all popular industry and vendor-specific protocols.

Terminal Management in Motion

Everything under control

A Gantt chart provides you with an interactive overview of all your activities – whether they are scheduled, ongoing or have already been completed. Intuitive, easy-to-read color codes and symbols make it simple to interpret the chart. For more details, click on the process bar to receive direct access to all data and follow-up actions.

An overview of the key details at all times

OpenTAS Navigator enables you to select processes and infrastructure prior to operation that are relevant to you and save them as customizable default settings at any time. This allows you to visualize your workflow management via Navigator profile and authorization structures. 

Every event documented

The status of scheduled activities and non-scheduled events is comprehensively recorded in OpenTAS. This information can be recorded directly in Navigator or via a mobile terminal, with Scada process information serving as an additional source of data. Based on predefined KPIs, you can take various measures as required without delay. 

Inventory management made easy

OpenTAS Tankfarm Management displays all information about your tanks, tank inventories, available tank capacities and current activities and tank statuses – in real time, at any time. This tool can handle any amount of data and is accurate to the liter. You can also sort according to products and group information based on your preferences. 

All the details in a single click

The easiest way to view all the details about book balances and partial stock, available tank capacity, tank inventories of various depositors and customs storage procedures. In addition to completed goods movements, this tool displays ongoing and scheduled activities – data that is extremely helpful to avoid operational conflict. 

The preferred tool of tank truck dispatchers

Maximum efficiency: finally, a tool enabling you to handle large numbers of vehicles quickly and safely, even at peak times. View everything at a glance: all vehicles currently being registered, idling in the parking area, waiting on the platforms, and queuing for the exit. Each vehicle is color coded according to whether they are loading or unloading – and can be further furnished with relevant information as desired. 


Core Solution Components of OpenTAS

1. Master data management
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Detailed administration of products, tanks, terminal assets, vehicles, customer and partner addresses and other business-related master data. Full transparency on customer agreements for supported products, services and tanks.

2. Movement and service accounting
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Audit-proof accounting of product movements & additional operational services.

3. Service operation management
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Workflow-based planning, execution & supervision of all logistics operations, e.g. inbound and outbound movements, internal tank transfers and blending. End-to-end validated management of orders and associated goods.

4. Stock management
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Comprehensive tracking and visualization of stocks: volume & weight per product, storage location & tank, ownership, and tax & customs status. The feature includes ASTM/API calculations as per product specification and stock reconciliation with integrated gain & loss correction.

5. Documents & reports
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Creation of transport documents and reports for internal supervision & customer information. On-screen visualization or individualized printouts, real-time dashboards and data-rich charts for KPI analysis.


6. Equipment integration & management
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Seamless integration of processes for existing field equipment, whether directly or via PLCs, and support for industry standard communication methods like OPC and modbus as well as vendor-specific/proprietary protocols. Enables real-time data exchange and equipment management via industry standard and/or vendor-specific device drivers.

7. Process automation & driver-automated loading
image image

Flexible levelling of process automation, from partial automation at loading/unloading points via driver-operated truck loading through to fully unmanned terminal operation.

8. Quantity conversion
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Calculates product weight and volume as per international ASTM/API standards for crude oil, fuels, chemicals, ethanol and gases.  Once set up, this tool performs all conversions automatically in the background. It also provides an interactive calculator for on-site use on mobile and desktop devices.

9. Tax & customs*
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Secure tracking and documentation of all product movements and inventories in accordance with tax & customs authority requirements, including appropriate pre-movement checks and product batch management. In Germany, OpenTAS is certified for EMCS 2.5, automatically handling customs declarations for loading processes.

10. Integration with in-house business systems**
image image

Extensive capabilities for seamless integration with all kinds of business & operating systems, such as ERP, Lab Information Systems (LIMS) and customs systems.

Allows for the rapid and stable integration of SAP products, e.g. SAP SDM.

*Not included in OpenTAS GO SPT or IDT, but available as an AddON.

**Not included in OpenTAS GO SPT, MRT or IDT, but available as an AddON.


Implico AddON Solutions: useful expansions for more efficiency

In addition to our Core Solutions, we have several AddON Solutions to make your business more streamlined and efficient


OpenTAS AddONs

OpenTAS can be expanded with several AddONs (AS) to create the perfect solution that is tailored to your needs.


Service contract management & invoicing


High-performance quantity conversion


Online & simple: automated truck check-in process


Ready for the future: sustainability tracking


Connecting trucks for perfect trip planning


Complete data availability thanks to mobile device integration


Visible efficiency: the process analytics dashboard


Resource booking and optimization

Experts in Terminal Management

Implico has unique terminal management expertise based on forward-looking innovations and the best practices in the industry. We channel our experience from highly complex, one-of-a-kind projects into standardized, cost-effective cloud services that are made available to you via SaaS.

Ahmed Mansour
Account Director

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