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Uniting the Supply Chain

There is still huge potential to be harnessed when it comes to improving efficiency in the supply chain of energy and natural resources. How? By making upgrades to IT infrastructure.

Many companies want to move away from customized monolith solutions that are complex and costly to operate. Instead, they want to streamline their processes and employ standard solutions that enable them to remain up to date while keeping costs manageable. The aim is to base this on the SaaS principle, with automatic upgrades and innovative product offers to go with it.

Only by building a product ecosystem of this kind can you keep pace with the competition and stay on top of technical trends. This also ensures you are ready to handle the challenges of our time, such as an ageing workforce and increasingly strict legal provisions. Finally, it paves the way for predictable processes that run smoothly.

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Join us in our pursuit of excellence and innovation in the supply chain of energy and natural resources!


Our contribution to meeting future demands: Supply Chain United, the new global industry design for all logistics and commercial processes in the supply chain of energy and natural resources.


How does the Supply Chain United (SCU) work?

SCU consists of modular Core Solutions, which cover the main business capabilities, and AddONs, which offer additional features and can be combined with our Core Solutions.

All these business capabilities are accessible as  highly integrated cloud services, offering end-to-end digitalized business processes. This industry design presents new opportunities, not least for market participants who want to launch their own digital transformation but have not yet found the time, resources or budget to do so.

No worries, no effort!
  1. SCU offers seamless IT landscape integration. Regardless of how customized your current system is, we can connect it to SCU.
  2. Use of the services in SCU only requires you to be connected to the platform on a technical level. There is no need for any major implementation measures.
  3. This means we can roll out your digital transformation during active operation, step by step, without affecting your workflows.
SCU in Motion
Good to know

Supply Chain United for affiliates & partners

SCU Secured Business
What SCU offers

The cloud-based business capabilities provided in SCU cater to all logistics and commercial processes in the supply chain:   

  • Data management   
  • Operation, automation & supervision   
  • Movement accounting & stocks   
  • KPI reporting   
  • Partner & system integration 
SCU Open Framework
Three reasons to become an SCU affiliate
  1. Broad, open framework
    Interconnected, cloud-based business capabilities to boost all business areas.
    Modular build-up to be combined as desired.
  2. Easy implementation
    No need for large-scale projects, major investments or full system changes.
  3. Secured business continuity
    Support for incremental implementation & option to keep former investments intact.
SCU Easy Implementation
Revolutionary – including for developing partners

The SCU is not just a milestone for our customers – we also seek to empower software developers to program best-of-breed solutions for this industry-wide platform. Our priority is not for the solutions to come from us. Our focus is on making the world’s best innovations directly available to those who can use them.

Join us now so we can work together to set new standards for our industry!

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Channeling our collected experience

We have specialized exclusively in the supply chain of energy and natural resources for the past 40 years. This gives us an unrivaled level of industry expertise.  We channel our collected experience from conducting highly complex, customized large-scale projects into standardized business capabilities and offer them as cost-effective cloud solutions.

What’s more, offering independent software solutions is Implico’s core business, which makes a major difference to in-house solutions in terms of reliability and overarching industry expertise.  Our solution-oriented approach encompasses wide swathes of the supply chain – from refinery to retail – and ranges from pure software solutions to managed services and the adoption of complete operational processes.


Thomas Fahland
Director Product Management

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