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Success Story: DCC manages a service station network from the cloud

Facing fierce competition in the market and low margins, service station operators are forced to utilize innovative approaches. Opportunities are offered by digital concepts such as cloud solutions.

This fact was realized by DCC when it took over ExxonMobil’s French retail station network. The Irish company had only a very small window during which to ensure operation and supply of 400 service stations – without a team and an existing IT infrastructure.

Learn how fuel retail operations managed from the cloud delivers a competitive edge

DCC wasted no time moving operation of its new retail station network to the cloud. It now leverages highly flexible downstream cloud services for its entire order-to-cash process including automated forecasting. And it does so with minimum capital expenditure.

This Success Story shows how DCC ...

  • ... set up cloud operation of 400 service stations in next to no time,
  • ... today uses a simple IT infrastructure with clearly defined responsibilities,
  • ... is able to focus on its core business,
  • ... digitally networks all supply chain parties,
  • ... has created a viable and innovative platform for further growth,
  • ... benefits from a low level of capital expenditure and predictable operating costs, and
  • ... achieves unbeatable total cost of ownership. 

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