Tremendous savings thanks to automated order generation

03 November 2011

Successful presentation of Implico solutions at SAP Oil & Gas conference in New Orleans

Best-Practices-for-Oil-Gas-Mike-Serratore-en.jpgSteven L. Zirilli is enthusiastic about CPR (Continuous Product Replenishment): The Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Maxum Petroleum is using the Implico-developed add-on for SAP OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution) to achieve tremendous savings for order entry processes. In February 2011, Maxum Petroleum went live with the all-in-one industry solution, including add-on CPR functionality. At the SAP conference "Best Practices for Oil & Gas: SAP Solutions for the Energy Industry," the US petroleum products marketing company teamed up with Implico to give a joint presentation of the solution's benefits. This specialist conference for the oil and gas industry was held for the first time this year from 23-26 October in New Orleans.
In their presentation, Steven L. Zirilli und Mike Serratore, Vice President US at Implico Group, focused primarily on discussing automated order generation with CPR. This is especially important for petroleum deliveries to customers with whom Maxum Petroleum has agreed a specific, recurring delivery cycle. Previously, Maxum typically managed these orders manually. Compared to this approach, the company's use of CPR now reduces effort considerably. The presentation also highlighted the way SAP OGSD enables automated confirmation for all orders.
Alongside this contribution to the official program of presentations, Implico also hosted its own booth at the conference. Many leading petroleum companies from North and South America visited the booth to learn about Implico's high-performance products for the downstream segment. These include OpenTAS, SAP OGSD and the "Integrated Logistics Add-On Package" with IDM (Integrated Dispatch Management) and CPR (Continuous Product Replenishment) functionality.
OpenTAS is targeted at fuel depots and refineries, offering comprehensive functionality for administration, automation and process improvement. SAP OGSD, developed by Implico and marketed worldwide by SAP, optimizes the distribution of petroleum products. The innovative software solution IDM, developed by Implico, helps dispatch planners to create optimum tours: orders from SAP are combined with resources to ensure the best possible results. With CPR the consumption forecast calculation can be based on actual weather data and statistical figures. A ‘Fixed Cycle’ calculation is also provided, which can be used to organize deliveries based on fixed time periods, e.g. per week or per month, regardless of actual consumption.
About Maxum Petroleum
Maxum Petroleum, Inc., based in Greenwich, CT, is a leading independent energy logistics company that markets and distributes a comprehensive offering of refined petroleum products and services to commercial and industrial customers. Maxum Petroleum is continuing a strategic growth and acquisition plan in the fragmented commercial fuel and lubricant distribution industry, launched in 2004 with the acquisition of Simons Petroleum. To date, Maxum has completed 12 acquisitions of fuel and lubricant marketers and facilities, including Simons Petroleum, Trevco, Hartney, Pecos (including its General Petroleum and Rainier Petroleum subsidiaries), Canyon State Oil, Petroleum Products, Paulson Oil and Mid-State Industrial Lubricants. In January 2009, Maxum received a $300 million equity investment from leading private equity firms Metalmark Capital and Waud Capital Partners to further its consolidation strategy.

Mike Serratore, Vice President US at Implico Group, at the SAP conference "Best Practices for Oil & Gas: SAP Solutions for the Energy Industry". © Implico