Petroplus Adds Communications to its OpenTAS System

16 December 2008

Implico now Connects over 40 Third-Party Delivery Depots

Implico today announced that it has carried out a significant upgrade to the existing OpenTAS system at Petroplus, which is now linked to over 40 third-party delivery depots. As a result, Europe's biggest independent refinery operator and oil distributor is now able to manage all of its external loading depots in Germany with a single system. OpenTAS logs the details of all shipments checks them and automatically forwards them to the central Oracle system for accounting.
In addition to its own petroleum products, Petroplus sells products supplied by other oil companies, which are shipped via a diverse network of external delivery points. All of the delivery information from these third-party loading depots is now sent to the Petroplus OpenTAS system via the Implico Clearing Center. As each oil company maintains its own standards, this information is first harmonized and standardized in OpenTAS.
OpenTAS also checks the data for discrepancies, enters the bulk movements in the OpenTAS database and then passes the information to the next-level OTC Order to Cash System. This arrangement gives Petroplus a logistics advantage over the competition, as it ensures the fast and secure arrival of an average of 600 transactions per day, and makes error-prone manual input of shipping data a thing of the past.
As well as benefiting from Implico's long sector experience, Petroplus took advantage throughout this project of the international consulting firm's excellent network of contacts with a large number of oil companies and refinery operators. The existence of this network made it easy to find and involve the right business partner at various stages of the project, which contributed to the project's speedy conclusion.
The delivery processes at the Petroplus-owned refinery in Ingolstadt have been controlled by OpenTAS for a number of years, with the relevant data being passed to the central accounting system. The OpenTAS system sorts the bulk movements for the Ingolstadt refinery by customer and forwards them to the company's major oil partners whenever necessary. This data is also transmitted via the Implico Clearing Center.
About Petroplus
Petroplus is Europe's largest independent refiner and wholesaler of petroleum products. The company currently owns and operates seven refineries in Coryton and Teesside in the UK, Ingolstadt in Germany, Cressier in Switzerland, Petit Couronne and Reichstett in France, and the BRC refinery in Belgium. The company's Headquarter is in Zug, Switzerland. Petroplus sells petroleum products to both distributors and end customers, primarily in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Benelux countries, as well as on the spot market.
About the Ingolstadt Refinery
The Ingolstadt refinery was built in 1963 by ExxonMobil CE and acquired by Petroplus in April 2007. The refinery's crude oil supply arrives via the Transalpine Pipeline (TAL), which runs from the Italian port of Trieste to Ingolstadt. The majority of the refinery's output, which includes liquid propane and butane, propylene raw material, petrol, aircraft fuels, diesel, light and heavy fuel oil, bitumen and sulphur, is sold to Germany and Austria. The products are loaded onto road and rail tankers at the refinery's own on-site road and rail depots.