BMV optimizes distribution and administration processes

22 July 2011

Equipped for the future with IFLEXX and industry software SAP OGSD

BMV-Logo-en.jpgIn March 2011, BMV Mineralöl Versorgungsgesellschaft mbH launched its "Future-Proof IT Infrastructure" project. To complete the project, the mid-sized, Berlin-based petroleum company is relying on Implico's high-performing products, plus the company's many years of experience in the oil & gas industry and the expertise of its consultants. The consulting and software company is implementing the all-in-one industry solution SAP OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution) while also providing an extensive range of services from its Hamburg data center. Once the project is complete in early 2013, BMV will be able to leverage state-of-the-art technology like the new IFLEXX standard, for example.
Changes necessary to remain competitive not only affect business processes but also the underlying IT systems, which must remain capable of meeting the latest technological requirements. This is why BMV is now using SAP OGSD to replace the legacy MinOil system, for which development was discontinued some time ago.
With SAP OGSD, the petroleum company will acquire a modern platform that can be used to support current and future processes in a flexible and integrated manner. Furthermore, BMV also stresses the importance of fully integrating logistics partners into the company's business processes. Enhanced service-oriented processes enable the company to respond more rapidly to changes in the business environment, while also reducing costs for system maintenance.
INFOGRAPHIC_NOTEBOOKS.jpgBMV will now be making use of the extended services provided by the Implico Clearing Center. The Center's OpenTAS system will form the central point of processing for BMV’s loading data before forwarding it to the systems operated by trading partners. Support will be provided by Implico via an outsourcing model. Since BMV's business involves third-party depots, loading data is provided not only by OpenTAS systems but also by a wide variety of third-party systems, which will be connected to the OpenTAS system operated by Implico. After project completion, data communications will no longer use the previous MPKS format but the new IFLEXX (International FiLe EXchange XML) data exchange format.


About BMV Mineralöl Versorgungsgesellschaft mbH
BMV is one of the largest non-affiliated providers of high-quality gasoline and diesel fuels within Germany. The mid-sized, family-owned company manufactures fuels from both fossil and biogenic energy sources, supplies service stations with quality products and provides an end-to-end logistics service from depot to pump. BMV maintains a range of storage premises in Germany.
At the same time, BMV also supplies its partners with goods at the most important refinery and depot locations in Germany. Customers and partners include both national and international petroleum companies. In addition to service station supply, BMV is also a reliable partner for depot and logistics services. Company subsidiaries supply and operate around 140 BMV service stations throughout Germany.