MPKS Successor in Sight?

28 August 2008

Implico designs data structure for communication in XML format

The Implico Group took over the coordination of data communication in XML format. The goal is to create a new standard with the XML format and to replace the more than 30-year-old mineral oil partner communication system MPKS (Mineral oil-Partner-Communication-System). With its industry solution OpenTAS, Implico offers the possibility to send all the captured loading data as XML files to the accounting systems of the respective mineral oil companies. The data structure developed by Implico will act as standard format and will be implemented in the TAS systems of other producers. Implico could already convince six of the largest German mineral oil companies of the advantages, among other the ability to send considerably more information.
Replacing the MPKS formats with XML formats will go down really well. The data communication in this format offers companies in the mineral oil industry many advantages: There is no 16 Bit limitation as with MPKS. Thereby additional information, for example counter tags or the license plate number of the trailer, can also be send. The XML format offers, in addition, the possibility to standardize the data.
Implico will take over coordinating the establishment of the new formats. The time frame for the conversion will, however not be the same for all the companies. Exact details and the respective schedules for the conversion will be negotiated between Implico and the individual mineral oil companies. In the long run other companies and tank storage providers will also be included.
First experiences with data communication in XML-format have been made in the service station supply field. Directly after loading, XML data files are sent to the on-board computer in the tank truck. Several mineral oil companies, haulers, and software companies are already using the XML structure developed by Implico for these purposes.