IFLEXX – the New Standard for the Oil and Fuels Industry

15 April 2009

XML Format for Data Communication between Onboard Computers and Accounting Systems

IFLEXX (International FiLe EXchange XML) – that is the new data exchange format for the oil and fuels industry. It enables loading data transfer in two directions: to the onboard computer on the truck and to the accounting system of the respective oil and fuels companies. The Implico Group is an international consulting and software company in Hamburg, Germany. For more than a year now, Implico has been coordinating the group of oil companies who are developing and promoting the new standard.
Data-Communication-A.jpgIFLEXX will first of all replace the local application standard MPKS in Germany. It has been in use for more than 30 years now and unfortunately is no longer able to fulfil all current requirements. During a meeting in the beginning of April this year at Implico's headquarters in Hamburg, the participants pointed out their intention to use the new standard as the format for their data exchange. However, the timeframe for the changeover will not be the same for all of these companies.
Among the meeting participants were seven companies: Agip, BP, Holborn, OMV, Shell, TanQuid, and VTA. In general Petroplus, Total, and Esso are also involved. In the meantime, four refineries in Germany are already using the new data exchange format. The first, who have been successfully working with IFLEXX formore than one year, are the Holborn refinery in Hamburg and the BayernOil refineries in Neustadt and Vohburg.
IFLEXX aims to become an internationally applied solution. The data communication in XML format offers companies in the oil and fuels industry worldwide many advantages; extremely detailed data records can be transmitted. “The biggest benefit of IFLEXX is that registered data can be sent in two directions,” says Jürgen König, Head of Sales Business Automation at Implico, “to the onboard computer on the truck and to the accounting system of the oil company concerned.”
Data transfer to the onboard computers takes place automatically and event controlled after every loading process. Therewith the driver can continue his route considerably faster. The data for the accounting systems are collected and then transferred in freely definable intervals. Even more and more oil companies require realtime data transmission and reception. The big advantage is of course being able to significantly accelerate invoicing.
The international consulting company, Implico, will continue to collect suggestions and requirements for the new format, coordinate it with the participants, and realize it accordingly. Another IFLEXX-Workshop will take place in fall this year. If you are interested or if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Frédérique Even, Phone: +49 40 27 09 36 - 0.