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We are witnessing a steady increase in the number of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions in the downstream industry. As they further pinpoint their businesses, the oil majors divest more and more assets: Refineries. Tank farms. Service station networks. And so on. These assets are picked up either by other oil majors or by upcoming indie players. As a consequence, the supply chain becomes increasingly fragmented. Business relations and partnerships constantly change. The demand for standardized solutions and open architectures grows.

New market entrants are attempting to use flexible business models as well as lean management and organizational structures. With technology becoming evermore pervasive, IT touches virtually all aspects of a company's operations, with many functions being mission-critical. For this reason, the success of any merger or acquisition project depends on efficient IT post-merger integration, a function which supports numerous important integration processes.

Challenges in M&A transactions



Remaining operational

Ensuring business-as-usual operations during the integration process


Achieving the goals

Establishing an end-state architecture for long-term business objectives


Creating a scalable model

Providing a repeatable model for further integration and growth


Maintaining capital discipline

Controlling cost expenditure during and after the M&A process

"Organizations are well advised to prepare early and effectively for M&A activities. Here, Implico’s IT and cloud solutions provide a competitive edge: They ensure a stable environment for core business continuity. They allow for quick and easy connection with new partners and systems. And they ensure a secure data transfer between all partakers."
Thomas Fahland
Implico GmbH




We support M&A processes for smooth transitions

For many years, Implico has supported companies in the successful implementation of technology-based post-merger projects (disinvestment and investment). With its broad consulting expertise, Implico has further developed its portfolio of cloud services under the umbrella of the Supply Chain United. The purpose: to ensure smooth integration and implementation for companies involved in M&As. And to support their operational businesses.

Our offer for M&A projects:

  • Modeling end-to-end business process operations (distribution, replenishment, reconciliation)
  • Operational business support (interface monitoring and managing error logs, communication with business partners, KPI reporting)
  • Integration of software, portal and mobility solutions
  • Provision of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS IT infrastructures
  • IT support for SAP® ERP and SAP® S/4HANA
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