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Building trust-based relationships through correct invoicing

The proper calculation of excise taxes in the oil and gas industry is a complex task. In each process, there are many different factors that influence the tax rates: Products and blends (including bio fuel blends). Origins and destinations. Effective dates and exemptions. Branded and unbranded products. Gross or net volumes.

In North America, the different tax rates are regulated by the Federal Government as well as State Governments and Local Governments. Independently of each other, the jurisdictions adjust the rates several times a year. This presents oil and gas companies with a major challenge: To keep an overview and stay up to date in this ever-changing environment, where every small inaccuracy or error can have big consequences.

How does the Avalara Tax Connector 1.0 work?

Implico has partnered with tax specialist Avalara to build a connector from SAP ERP to the proven tax tool AvaTax Excise. AvaTax Excise enables relevant tax determination and calculation for the O&G industry's many-faceted processes.

The Avalara Tax Connector 1.0 is integrated into SAP's standard sales and purchasing pricing functions. The package provides a fully functioning pricing procedure with all tax conditions and the connector logic. A separate configuration tree allows for specific custom requirements. Also, it enables the users to adjust interface mappings.

View the Avalara Tax Connector 1.0 in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory.

One solution to calculate tax rates, prepare returns, and manage document.


What makes the Avalara Tax Connector 1.0 and AvaTax Excise stand out:


Solid excise tax calculation

For energy suppliers, distributors, retailers, traders and other companies.


Fluid fuels document flow

The external tax engine is embedded in all key access points for both purchases and sales.


Centralized tax compliance

To ensure consistency and manage complexity as the company grows.


Automatic updates

To guarantee that the installed version of the connector and tool are always up to date.


S/4HANA certification

On-premise and cloud certification for S/4HANA 1909 and 2020.


ABAP add-on deployment

The AvaTAX SAP Connector supports deployment via the mentioned SAP integration scenario.


Accurate results

Fully aligned with the latest tax rates applicable for your business.


Higher customer retention

Due to quick and correct invoicing – which is key to building a trusted relationship.


Lower handling costs

Thanks to fully automated and digitalized calculations and other procedures.


Additional sales growth

Via flexible, scalable and impromptu tax calculation and processing.


Optimized workflows

At any time, your tax team can quickly and easily access the information they need.


Full flexibility and scalability

Allowing you to adjust the connector and the tax tool to the development of your business.

"AvaTax Excise is a powerful tool for energy companies struggling to keep pace with North America's complex, ever-changing tax laws and regulations. The Avalara Tax Connector 1.0 grants energy companies that leverage SAP quick and easy access to it."
Mike Serratore
VP & GM, Implico, Inc.
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