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Carbon Footprint Calculation with the IDM from Implico

Integrating with SAP's S4SCSD for Enhanced Sustainability

As industries worldwide prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, managing and reducing carbon emissions has become a critical aspect of logistics and transportation operations. Implico’s Integrated Dispatch Management provides a robust solution designed to enhance these capabilities within SAP S4SCSD. This advanced functionality is tailored for industries such as oil, gas and chemicals, where efficient logistics and environmental compliance are paramount.

Support for Sustainability Goals

Aligning logistics operations with broader corporate sustainability goals is a key benefit of the IDM. By providing actionable insights and recommendations, the module can support companies in achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions. This alignment with sustainability objectives underscores the importance of integrating environmental considerations into logistics management within SAP S4SCSD.

Here are some of the factors that make the calculation and management of carbon footprints easier with Implico’s IDM.

IDM as a Core Component of SAP S4SCSD

With its functionality, Implico’s IDM is an integral component of SAP’s S4SCSD (Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas) and boosts the users’ requirements for a more detailed carbon footprint calculation. This integration ensures that secondary distribution operations – which include both bulk and bottled products – are not only efficient, but also environmentally responsible.

Support for Emissions Calculation

By using available data such as fuel consumption, fuel type or distances traveled, Implico’s IDM functionality amplifies CO2 emission calculations for each trip or delivery within the SAP S4SCSD framework. In a highly competitive environment where companies are striving to understand and mitigate their environmental impact better, the level of accuracy provided by IDM is essential.

Data Integration and Analysis

IDM has the ability to collect data (e.g. telematics, GPS, fleet management) and seamlessly integrate with SAP S4SCSD. This integration can be used, for example, for historical analysis of carbon emissions, providing valuable insights for better decision making and strategic planning. The ability to analyze data from multiple sources within a cohesive system is a significant advantage for companies aiming to optimize their operations.

Route Optimization

One of the key features of IDM is its ability to optimize routes and loads, thereby minimizing travel distances and fuel consumption. By suggesting the shortest routes, the module helps reduce the carbon footprint of logistics operations. This functionality, integrated within SAP S4SCSD, ensures that logistics processes are both operationally efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Data for detailed Reporting and Documentation

IDM facilitates transparency and accountability in environmental reporting. By providing important data that can be used for documentation, audits and certifications, IDM supports SAP S4SCSD from the inside with its detailed reporting capability. This ensures transparency and accountability in environmental performance and supports companies to meet environmental regulations and standards.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with a user-friendly interface, the IDM tool makes it easy for operators to enter data, generate reports, and access insights. Its seamless integration with SAP S4SCSD ensures a consistent and efficient user experience, minimizing the learning curve for operators and improving the overall user experience.


By incorporating these features, Implico’s IDM not only improves logistics management, but also enables companies to take significant steps to reduce their environmental impact. This makes it an invaluable add-on for all organizations, especially those that are seriously committed to sustainability and responsible logistics operations.

With IDM, Implico has developed a product that is natively integrated into SAP S4SCSD and closes the gap between sales and returns. Most previously manual processes in the reconciliation are now automated, allowing back-office operations to shift gradually from manual to automated processes. Since IDM has been used successfully for years within the supply chain of energy and natural resources, Implico is currently working intensively on a new, fully automated version which is in heavy development and ReadyToShip in 2024 already.

The new version is scalable for every size of organization and provides fully automated trip and route planning.

Implico’s IDM provides a significant opportunity for market expansion and revenue growth while enhancing compliance requirements for environmental standards.

Let’s shape a sustainable future, together.

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SAP S/4HANA SDM: This tool offers a cohesive approach to the trade and transport of liquids and half-solids, integrating seamlessly with the SAP system to streamline processes from demand forecasting to invoicing, thereby facilitating smoother operations in hydrocarbon product trading.

SAP S/4HANA RFNO: A dedicated solution for managing service station networks, it caters to various service station types, offering functionalities like wet goods management and loyalty card management, aiming to enhance the fuel retail experience.

Implico’s Quality Assurance Program for SAP solutions: Implico wants to ensure the implementation of SAP SDM/RFNO solutions is professional and error-free – not only when doing so ourselves but also when external companies are contracted to oversee implementation. This is why we also offer two partner services that are designed to supplement the implementation projects based on a methodological approach and with highly skilled consultants, both of which help to achieve the defined targets: the Partner Governance Service and the Partner Advisor Service.

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