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Recap of the SAP Conference for Energy and Utilities

Driving Innovation in Fuel Distribution

The SAP Conference for Energy and Utilities, held in wonderful Seville from April 23-25, brought together industry leaders to explore digital innovations transforming the whole energy industry. The event was marked by enlightening workshops, insightful lectures, and numerous networking opportunities, offering a comprehensive view of the future of energy and utilities as well as meeting old and new partners. 

Recap SAP

Pre-Conference Highlights: Mastering Digitalization 

On April 23, a pre-conference workshop titled “How SAP and Implico Support Fuel Distributors to Achieve Efficient and Sustainable Secondary Distribution Management” set the stage for the following days. Led by Armin Hespeler, Go-to-Market Manager SAP at Implico and Jean-Marc Delbos, Director – Oil & Gas Industry Business Unit at SAP, this session provided a deep dive into the digitalization of processes to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making in fuel distribution management. 

Key Highlights 

Workshop on Efficiency and Sustainability 

During the main conference, the same topic was explored further by Jean-Marc Delbos and Armin Hespeler. Our continued collaboration highlighted the ongoing commitment of SAP and Implico in driving advancements in secondary distribution management through digital tools. 

Exclusive Lecture on Digital Transformation 

A crucial moment came on April 24, when Adrian Maegerle from Migrol and Armin Hespeler from Implico led a lecture titled “Mastering the Digital Challenge in the Oil and Gas Industry.” This session illuminated the various aspects of digitalization in fuels retailing and secondary distribution management, emphasizing strategy implementation and the integration of new services and energy sources. Migrol serves a great example of how it is done in Switzerland already.  

Networking and Strategic Partnerships 

The event also served as a fertile ground for networking, where industry professionals engaged in lively discussions and formed new business contacts. The strengthening partnership between Implico and SAP was emphasized, underscored by Implico’s role within the SAP Community and their contributions to the conference dialogues. 

Cultural and Inspirational Setting 

Hosted in the vibrant city of Seville, the conference provided an inspiring backdrop for discussions on securing a sustainable energy future. The location added a cultural richness to the proceedings, facilitating a memorable exchange of ideas among attendees. 

Event Impact and Future Outlook 

The conference concluded on a high note with: 

  • 40 unique sponsors,
  • Representatives from 275 unique companies across 54 countries,
  • 42 customer case studies,
  • More than 950 attendees.

Participants left eager to apply the insights gained and look forward to future gatherings. Implico extended its gratitude to the organizers and participants, highlighting the vibrant energy and the promising ideas sparked during the event. 

As we move forward, the insights and collaborations from the SAP Conference for Energy and Utilities are expected to further influence the industry, driving innovations and improvements in fuel distribution and beyond

Recap SAP Conference

Save-the-date: We are looking forward to being part of this insightful event promising even greater advancements and continued collaboration next year from April 8-10, 2025, in Rotterdam!  


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