Our Vision

  • We are a leading provider of value-adding IT services and integrated products in the process industry
  • We generate value for our customers with efficient, innovative solutions and our international expertise
  • We are a reliable partner even in critical situations


Our Mission

We made it our task to efficiently optimize the business processes of our customers. To succeed this goal we combine industry specific know how with sophisticated in-house solutions and reliable partner solutions.

We have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. In the collaboration with our customers and employees we focus on mutual trust, sustainable partnerships and projects that are assured of a good future.

We focus on our customers and their needs every single day. Each of our employees contributes to the success of our projects.

We support our customers as their companies develop and we nurture long-lasting partnerships with them based on reliability and mutual trust.

We know our customers. We actively respond to their requirements and ensure they get the results they want when they want them.

We put all of our energies into delivering optimal solutions. Our projects are successful because we continually expand our horizons. We sometimes take unconventional approaches with our customers, but we never lose sight of the goal.

Our customers opt for our services and products because they appreciate the added value that gives them a sustainable competitive advantage.

We invest in innovation, and every successful project strengthens the foundations for our future development. By drawing on over 30 years of company experience we ensure continued growth, both today and in the future.

Community spirit
Exceptional individuals are the key to our success. We achieve our goals by pulling together. We work in an open environment that promotes knowledge and growth. We can rely on each other.

Our community spirit motivates every single one of us to always do our best, strive for personal and economic growth and continually improve.

We feel an obligation to the environment and the communities in which we operate, and we make a valuable contribution to their preservation and further development.

We respect each other as colleagues and individuals. We treat each other in a fair, friendly and trusting manner in all that we do. We help each other and stand up for each other.

We approach every single person with respect. We trust in their abilities, their loyalty and their model behavior.

We encourage constructive criticism and open communication as the basis for learning – both as individuals and as a team. To this end, we engage in clear, appreciative feedback every day.

We stand by our word. We are reliable, we keep our promises and meet our deadlines. This makes us a trustworthy partner to our customers and employees alike.

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