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The storage of oil and gas products is a complex business. At any time, tank storage operators need access to accurate, current information about the facility. Which product will be delivered when by ship or pipeline – and what quantities are leaving the tanks by which mode of transport? Are the quantities and quality levels right for incoming goods? Are security measures in place, and are safety regulations being followed?

Implico helps you to achieve operational excellence. We offer the experience, competencies, best-practice processes and solutions for your needs, including:
  • Loading and unloading of dangerous goods
  • All means of transport (ship, truck, railcar, pipeline, tank-to-tank)
  • Storage
  • Quantity accounting and stock management
  • Financial accounting
  • Customs and tax handling
  • Safety and security measures

While paper-based processes are slow and costly, with frequent errors and manual corrections creating inefficiency, our solutions increase cost recovery by improving collaboration and automation. They ensure rapid, transparent, secure and – above all – cost-beneficial processes within a tank terminal. At the same time, they allow you to simplify your IT landscape and reduce IT and maintenance costs.


Get first-hand information from our customer Rompetrol about the successful optimization of Tank Farm Operations powered by our terminal management system OpenTAS.



Example 1: Driver-operated loading

With our tank terminal automation solutions, truck drivers can manage the entire loading process from check-in to check-out on their own. The software supports each step of the process and ensures that the correct data is available in the right place at the right time. This eliminates unnecessary waiting times.


Example 2: Handheld solutions

For loading and unloading via railcar, ship or pipeline, many work steps have to be carried out manually. Out in the field, operators don’t have access to a computer and typically work “offline”. This makes it difficult to keep track of the process steps that have been completed or the valves that have been opened, for example. Our new handheld applications connect tank terminal operators directly to the terminal management system. Operations staff can enter information directly into the system while also having access to the most recent information at any time. This makes your loading and unloading processes easier, faster and much safer.

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