Implico Suppl Chain United

The Supply Chain United (SCU) at a glance

Rakete-Thumbnail Interconnection 
SCU connects all partners of the downstream supply chain

Rakete-Thumbnail Digitalization
SCU takes advantage of the power of digitization for a smarter business

Rakete-Thumbnail Web Services
SCU utilizes easy-to-use web services for downstream companies

Rakete-Thumbnail Cloud
SCU uses the power of an architecture of shared cloud solutions 

A connected supply chain for oil and gas – stay informed!

Downstream IT expert Implico and tank terminal cloud technology specialist Brainum work together towards the Supply Chain United – a connected downstream supply chain, enabling all-new services, technologies and partnerships.

The key to achieve this is an architecture of shared cloud solutions and easy-to-use web services. This enables efficient business processes and high-value cooperation along the supply chain.

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Supply Chain United. Stay unique – succeed together.

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