Get ready for the Oil & Gas Supply Chain of the Future

Implico’s vision for the digital downstream future is an across-the-board architecture of easy-to-use web services for all supply chain processes with multiple participants. We call this concept the “Supply Chain United”.

The Supply Chain United (SCU) at a glance


SCU connects all partners of the downstream supply chain


SCU takes advantage of the power of digitization for a smarter business


SCU utilizes easy-to-use web services for downstream companies


SCU uses the power of an architecture of shared cloud solutions

"With the Supply Chain United, the process optimization for refineries, tank farms, wholesaler, carriers and all participants involved will be immense.

Tim Hoffmeister, CEO
Implico Group

What customers say about Supply Chain United

The first SCU services are available. We talked to TanQuid and TOTAL about the benefits.

Thomas Knutzen
Head of IT & Future Business


Sabine Block
Contract Manager


Discover the first SAP-certified SCU apps

Learn about the latest developments and services that are already available.

SAP App Connected Depot SAP App Connected Truck

Get ready for the downstream supply chain of the future!

We would be delighted to tell you more about the Supply Chain United and its innovative concept.

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