Success Story Finco


Success story:

Fluid data exchange at oil trader FinCo

Are you struggling with a multitude of PDFs, Excel sheets and printed documents when exchanging data with your business partners? Do you receive a wide variety of data on stocks, movements and transactions every day – data, which you and your employees have to type enter and correct manually?

Here, FinCo tells exclusively how it has digitized the data exchange for its petroleum product trading business.


The oil trader FinCo is now relying on the iGOS cloud service, which collects, harmonizes and forwards all order and loading data.

"We receive a new data record from iGOS every morning at 10 a.m. - complete, correct and ready for further processing.

Thomas Johannsen
Managing Director at FinCo

These are the benefits for FinCo:

  • Automation of the data transfer up to invoicing
  • All documents such as shipping documents and inventory data in a standardized format
  • Seamless integration of all partner systems
  • Reduction of incorrect data
  • Highest level of security and availability

Learn today how FinCo has reduced time-consuming and error-prone work. Experience how you can gain new capacities for your core business too!

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