Supplying consumers by truck and railcar

In secondary distribution, trucks or railcars deliver fuels, gas or heating oil to a wide range of recipients, including private households, service station and company premises.

Implico offers the corresponding know-how and the solutions to ensure optimum process design throughout secondary distribution:

  • Maximum system-side support for high-intensity sales business involving a large order volume
  • Highly accurate demand forecasting
  • Real-time planning of optimized delivery tours
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Always-on connectivity for trucks and ERP integration for immediate confirmation of actual quantities delivered with ERP system posting
  • Financial accounting, including tax and customs processing

Example: Optimized delivery tours

Our automation solutions help you achieve the best-possible reconciliation of existing orders with available resources to ensure optimum deployment of your vehicle fleet and personnel. Efficient routes minimize trip time and the costs involved in your customer deliveries. Our solutions also account for special delivery conditions while offering maximum transparency and flexibility for changes made at short notice.

Best practice processes for secondary distribution of oil and gas products

Fuel Retail Management Gas Retail Management

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