Secondary Distribution

Delivering bulk products via truck and other means of transport


Along the supply chain ...

The primary and secondary distribution of goods along the supply chain – from source to storage to intermediary to consumer – marks the heartbeat of the bulk storage industry. Here, swift and safe product movement is a must. To ensure this, all steps and stages must be perfectly optimized: Forecasting. Order management. Safety measures during loading and unloading. Customs processing. Invoicing. And so on.

Another central element in bulk distribution is the optimization of delivery tours. For maximum efficiency, transport agencies must allocate their resources smartly. They must design the trip sequences economically. They must share all relevant information transparently. And they must be prepared to react to impromptu changes on short notice.

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Unpredictability of events

In theory, bulk distribution is easy: Agent A carries product B to destination C within time frame D. In practice, however, there are many factors that can delay or cancel the tour: Drivers may call in sick. Loading bays may be under maintenance. Product stock may run out. Orders may get canceled, postponed, or changed. Digitalization grants Oil & Gas companies the required transparency and interconnectedness to solve these and other incidents swiftly and aptly.

Optimal tour planning

The aim of any forwarding agent is to design their trips as efficient and well-sequenced as possible. From the fetching of the product to the delivery of the orders, every step must be thoughtfully planned. There should be no extra miles or – even worse – empty runs. Here, the key to success is sound decision making based on reliable data and transparent communication with all trading partners. To realize this, one needs to have powerful, well-connected solutions at work.


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