Automate your fuel pricing – with SAP S/4HANA RFNO

Fuel prices at the pump are market prices that are subject to intense competitive pressure. Having higher prices than competitors can quickly lead to lost sales.

As a rule, service station operators must closely monitor the competition and adjust prices accordingly, often several times a day. These adjustments need to be made quickly but are anything but simple. With SAP S/4HANA RFNO, price setting can now be automated.

Intelligent pricing in service station networks

SAP S/4HANA RFNO users can use a central location to enter or calculate price changes that the system then propagates automatically to gas station lessees. Importantly, each local station receives the price calculated individually for this site based on the parameters set for this station by head office.

Fuel retail station operators can also define the amount by which fuel prices should exceed or undercut the prices of competitors. Location groupings can also be used by head office to set “price leaders” in the company’s own network whose prices are definitive for neighboring locations. Furthermore, head office can keep the price low in the morning to increase the shop’s lucrative breakfast business, for example.  

Pricing mechanism – fully integrated with SAP S/4HANA RFNO

The pricing mechanism function is integrated fully with SAP S/4HANA RFNO. This ensures optimum connectivity to all of the business processes managed by SAP S/4HANA RFNO – such as the automated billing with business partners, for example. The system logs all price changes automatically and applies periods of time and their corresponding fuel prices to daily lessee settlement. The software also offers configurable interfaces to enable pricing data to be pulled from a variety of sources.

Pricing management app also available

To ensure fuel station operators can respond as quickly as possible, a Fiori app is also offered for pricing management. This lets service station operators and lessees use a smartphone or tablet to input competitor prices into the system as a basis for pricing.

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