Efficient dispatching and transport planning with SAP SDM / IDM

SAP SDM / IDM is an application of SAP SDM (Business Suite). It supports and automates your dispatching. It provides clear and effective support for dispatch planners. Orders are combined with existing resources, such as vehicles or service staff, in the best possible way.

To learn more about the business benefits of IDM, please visit the page SAP S/4HANA IDM by Implico.

"I can now schedule a maximum number of vehicles with the minimum amount of personnel. A good planner could previously manage six to ten vehicles; now he can handle up to 30 and present our operational business operations in a transparent manner."

Holger Hannover
Head of the Competence Centre, Total/EHO


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Planned to perfection – learn more about tour planning and dispatching with SAP SDM / IDM!

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