SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR – forecast your future fuel sales

Any company wishing to optimize its stock keeping and ensure continuous replenishment at the same time needs as detailed information as possible about anticipated sales. The innovative functionality of SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR (Continuous Station Replenishment) provides forecasts of future fuel sales.

The basis for fuel sales forecasts: numerous data sources

The basis for the calculation by SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR is the use of many data sources:

  • POS system: fuel sales are filtered from the point-of-sale data
  • Meter readings
  • Records of tank levels

Thanks to this 360° view, SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR is always comprehensively informed about the inventories. 

Looking ahead – sales history, special events

A sales history is created from the sales that are continuously determined. It is supplemented by the entry of special events that may positively or negatively influence sales. Examples are concerts or festivals, but also building sites or vacation periods.

Automatic replenishment orders

Based on the fuel inventories and expected sales, SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR calculates when replenishment should best take place for each material type (product). The system then automatically generates a corresponding sales order, which can also be passed on to the tour planning SAP S/4HANA SDM / IDM straight away.

Business Benefits of SAP S/4HANA RFNO / CSR

  • Automation of stock-keeping
  • Optimization of inventory levels
  • Automatic replenishment orders
  • Maximum reliability for replenishment
  • Better logistics planning through integration into SAP S/4HANA SDM / IDM
  • Ensuring effective delivery
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