Enhancing trip planning and reconciliation for bulk deliveries

The app Connected Truck directly links the truck driver with dispatching and transport planning system. This enhances the trip planning and reconciliation for bulk deliveries significantly and raises a wealth of new possibilities. The result: The fetch and delivery process can become more efficient, transparent and safe for all parties involved.

Connected Truck allows for Plug & Play integration with SAP SDM Integrated Dispatch Management (IDM).



How does Connected Truck work?

Connected Truck establishes a connection between dispatch and transport planning systems and the truck driver. The app supports trip execution by mobile features, eliminates information gaps and provides process visibility for involved supply chain participants, such as haulers, drivers and dispatchers.

  • Drivers get an overview of assigned trips and underlying orders – mobile and with updates. This includes access to trip and route details as well as compartment planning. Highlight: The app navigates directly to load and delivery locations.
  • Dispatchers receive automatic updates of execution details (e. g list of stops, timestamps, and events). Loading and unloading results are automatically transferred to the dispatching system.
  • Connected Truck captures and confirms load- and unloading results via cloud integration to terminal management systems, POS systems and truck equipment.
  • Haulers receive the final trips from the customer's dispatching system 

Our vision for the digital downstream future is an across-the-board architecture of easy-to-use web services for all supply chain processes with multiple participants. We call this concept the “Supply Chain United”. The app Connected Depot is part of this idea.



The app Connected Depot is SAP certified – Built on SAP Cloud Platform through the “Co-Innovated with SAP” program. This program is designed to help partners through the development lifecycle that culminates in a SAP-certified and tested solution against SAP product standards. The SAP certification underlines the added value that Connected Depot grants its users.

Benefits of Connected Truck for haulers, drivers and dispatcher

  • Connected Truck supports trip execution by mobile features, eliminates information gaps and provides process visibility.
  • Oil & gas companies and haulers benefit from a bi-directional communication between scheduler and driver as well as advanced fleet tracking and monitoring.
  • In the process involved parties receive full transparency of the delivery status. Load results, unload results and trip event information are available at any point.

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