Load authorization 4.0 for storage terminals, haulers and drivers

Imagine an application that helps to shorten the entrance-to-exit process at terminals significantly. And, at the same time, renders it more secure.

Connected Depot revolutionizes truck handling in tank storage facilities. Via the new cloud-based functionality “Online Check-in”, it simplifies and streamlines product loading in oil, gas and chemical terminals.

Connected Depot links all partakers in real time. It keeps them in the loop regarding the latest developments and lets them carry out key work steps before the truck has even arrived at the gate. This supports a seamless process from planning to execution – even in cases that involve several terminals and customers.



Connected Depot at a glance:

Integration of all supply chain participants: terminal operators, haulers, drivers, stockowners and other involved parties.

  • Terminal operators see truck arrivals and loading plans early on, what leads to better and more accurate plans. Plus, they benefit from the prevention of driver input errors at the gate.
  • Haulers no longer need to worry about failed terminal load attempts – which are now being eliminated by proactive verifications. Faster entrance handling boosts trip performance.
  • Drivers profit from improved entrance handling and minimized queuing at the terminal gate. Plus, they now receive real-time information about trip-related issues at the terminal.

The overall process improvement of Connected Depot can help improve the logistics’ efficiency for all supply chain participants.

How does Connected Depot work?

Connected Depot is easy to integrate with trip scheduling and terminal management solutions. As a result, it ensures a seamless process from planning to execution across a variety of customers and terminals. The functionality supports both web-based and mobile input by the driver. Alternatively, it can be integrated with fleet transport scheduling systems.

Connected Depot conducts all terminal specific checks before arrival, e.g.

  • contractual load authorization,
  • hazardous goods regulation (e.g. ADR),
  • product availability.


Connected Depot allows cloud-based verification against 3rd party systems combined into one online check-in, e.g.

  • SAP based checks of product seller,
  • customs validity permissions (e.g. EMCS),
  • driver permissions (e.g. driver license).



The app Connected Depot is SAP certified – Built on SAP Cloud Platform through the “Co-Innovated with SAP” program. This program is designed to help partners through the development lifecycle that culminates in a SAP-certified and tested solution against SAP product standards. The SAP certification underlines the added value that Connected Depot grants its users.

Part of the Supply Chain United

Our vision for the digital downstream future is an across-the-board architecture of easy-to-use web services for all supply chain processes with multiple participants. We call this concept the “Supply Chain United”. The app Connected Depot is part of this idea.

Supply Chain United

Benefits of Connected Depot for terminals, haulers and drivers

Benefits for terminals
  • Improved operation planning due to early visibility of expected truck arrival and loading plans
  • Early recognition and clearance of issues due to verification of authorizations, permissions and stock availability before arrival
  • Entrance handling at the gate is significantly expedited
  • Terminal service quality is increased by providing proactive information about any issue to the hauler / driver
Benefits for haulers
  • Eliminating failing load attempts due to proactive verifications and receipt of potential issues at the terminal
  • Prevention of driver input errors at the entrance gate
  • Boost trip performance due to faster entrance handling
  • Seamless process from planning to execution due to easy integration with trip scheduling and terminal management solutions
Benefits for drivers
  • Higher efficiency due to improved entrance handling at terminal gate, eliminating queuing
  • Receiving real-time information about any trip related issue at the terminal

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