Petroleum logistics by railcar, ship or pipeline

Most products originating from a refinery are initially transported to a tank terminal. Primary distribution transport is generally carried out by railcar, ship or pipeline.

Thanks to many years of extensive experience in the downstream industry, Implico offers solutions, services and processes that optimize each aspect of primary distribution:

  • Order management
  • Planning
  • Safety measures during loading and unloading
  • Inventory management
  • Financial accounting including taxation and customs processing
  • Data communication between refinery, tank terminal, forwarder and other parties

Example: Handheld solutions

For loading and unloading via railcar, ship or pipeline, many work steps have to be carried out manually. Out in the field, operators don’t have access to a computer and typically work “offline”. This makes it difficult to keep track of the process steps that have been completed or the valves that have been opened, for example. Our new handheld applications connect tank terminal operators directly to the terminal management system. Operations staff can enter information directly into the system while also having access to the most recent information at any time. This makes your loading and unloading processes easier, faster and much safer.

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