Business Data Processing – perfect connection of field equipment and ERP

OpenTAS BDP (Business Data Processor) is an innovative system enabling high end and highly integrated business data processes for oil and gas companies.

It can function as a stand-alone system that integrates the business processes of your field based systems (e.g. SCADA, TAS, Cardlock). Or it can integrate your field systems into your company’s ERP or another back-office system.

How does OpenTAS BDP work?

OpenTAS BDP has the ability to connect to any system that you currently use. It automatically pulls in the required data, checks it for accuracy and schedules it for appropriate delivery to the ERP or back-office system.

What are the system requirements?

OpenTAS BDP is designed in MS .Net™. It works together with any ERP system (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.) or back-office system (SAGE, SIEMENS, etc.). If connected to an SAP ERP system, IS-Oil is not needed but normally used.

Benefits of OpenTAS BDP

  • Creates efficiencies in the overall IT landscape
    … by enabling the business to optimize the back-office or ERP system providing data from the other business systems.
  • Reduces change management
    … because there is no need to replace the whole IT structure. You simply connect the systems currently running at the field level to OpenTAS. That makes it easy for your staff on the operative level because they can keep working with the systems they are used to.
  • Requires less IT staff
    … to monitor and manage the integration points of field systems because it automatically corrects the data before sending.
  • Works in real time
    … and enables you to access the data from all your systems without time delay.
  • Improves decision-making
    … because your executives achieve increased visibility of all the data generated on the operative level.
  • Automates processes
    ... to enjoy, for example, the power of delivery data uploading to finance and invoices generating before the driver has returned to the depot.

Learn more about business data processing at your plant!

We would be delighted to answer your questions about OpenTAS BDP and its innovative functionalities.

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