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"Embracing the digital future of oil & gas with cloud services"

Today’s downstream industry is disruptive and hard to apprehend. This presents oil and gas companies with big challenges: market volatility, oil price fluctuation, value chain fragmentation and energy transition.

In this webcast, we will introduce you to the new platform Supply Chain United. You will learn how digitalization helps you to master key challenges of your business.

  • Discover the revolutionary platform Supply Chain United
  • Get up to speed about next-gen, cloud-based web services for all supply chain processes
  • Take a first peak at the innovation roadmap for a fully digitized downstream supply chain


Key-LearningAutomate work steps
Key-Learning Minimize operational costs
Key-LearningIncrease customer experiences
Key-Learning Integrate partners and customers quickly
Key-LearningReduce transaction costs significantly


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We introduce you to the platform Supply Chain United, an across-the-board architecture of easy-to-use web services for all supply chain processes. These smart, cloud-based auxiliaries are lean, flexible and readily available. They neither require a huge investment nor a long implementation upfront. They build upon shared best practices and common industry standards. They are designed to boost collaboration and make an immediate yet lasting impact. They are the fuel from the cloud that keeps tomorrow’s supply chain going!


  • Completely free on-demand webcast
  • Can the played and paused at any time
  • About 60 minutes of first-hand insights and forward-thinking knowledge
  • Presented by downstream experts Marvin Schuster and Thomas Fahland


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