SAP Project Round-up by Vivo Energy & Implico

Webcast Implico Vivo Energy SAP Customer Dialog

Leading fuel retailer Vivo Energy operates more than 2,000 service stations in high-growth African markets. In the course of its digital transformation journey, the company made a decisive learning: It needed a new ERP system that would both foster its own growth and support the integration of new partners.

Today, Vivo Energy leverages a fully integrated SAP S/4HANA solution across all business areas and markets. The new software automates processes. It boosts employee productivity. And it takes data visibility to a new level. To manage and monitor the individual sites, Vivo Energy uses the SAP industry solutions for Secondary Distribution and Fuels Retailing. Developed by Implico, these best-in-class technologies bring true digitalization to Vivo Energy’s cross-country service station network.

In this hands-on project round-up, the project managers share their stories from the field: How did Vivo Energy master the way to become an intelligent enterprise? How do the new solutions work? And what game-changing benefits do they provide?

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