Hosting and housing in a professional data center

In the petroleum industry data security and availability are critical to successful operations. This is why a modern, secure and professionally managed IT infrastructure is essential.

Implico is your hosting and housing specialist in the downstream sector. From decades of experience, we know the rigorous standards and special demands IT infrastructures have to meet in the oil and gas industry. Depending on your specific requirements, we either operate your server in our data center (housing) or run your solutions on our servers (hosting). We offer maximum availability and security for your ERP/SAP system, databases and operations applications.

Benefits of hosting and housing with Implico

  • Low costs because we can leverage economies of scale
  • Maximum data security thanks to a large team of IT experts
  • Excellent availability
  • Flexible adjustment of required capacity
  • 24/7 support
  • No maintenance work for you
  • Highly secure premises featuring access control, emergency power supply and air-conditioning, among others

Implico operates two distributed data centers that can be used in a redundant set-up if requested. One of the data centers has already been certified according to ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System), the second center will be certified soon.

For hosting and housing services you can put your complete trust in Implico. Many companies in the oil and gas industry have been doing it for decades.

Benefit from our secure IT infrastructure and our expertise!

We would be delighted to answer your questions about our hosting and housing opportunities.

Questions?  Contact us.

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