Implico becomes a member of UTV, the independent association of tank farms

A capable thought leader and advocate of the digital transformation: Implico has become a new associate member of UTV, the independent association of tank farms, as of October 2023. The company seeks to demonstrate how Germany’s tank farm operators can use new resources and ways to safeguard their digital interests, further enhance the automation of key processes in the tank farm sector, and tackle the major challenges of the future head on. “We look forward to contributing our experience and expertise to the association in these and many other matters, and to exchanging ideas with the other members.” states Rolf Adam, CEO of the Implico Group. Key topics include:

  • the green transformation and the urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions while distributing green fuels globally, two developments that will usher in major changes for Germany’s tank farms;
  • the shortage of specialists and the related search for talented, hands-on staff who are hungry for success;
  • the complex gathering and documentation of all relevant data regarding sustainability across the entire supply chain;
  • issues relating to IT security and end-to-end digitalization.

The new product OpenTAS Go could play a key role in these developments in future. It was designed specifically by Implico for inland distribution terminals, offering numerous benefits such as rapid implementation and low process costs. As Rolf Adam states, “In essence, tank storage operators will focus primarily on maintaining strong dialog with the relevant decision-makers in politics, among authoritative bodies and in the economy while working closely with all parties. We need new, genuinely innovative solutions in the energy sector, so that we are not driven by circumstances or situations, but can continue to play an active role going forward. At Implico, we want to do our bit to make this a reality.”

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