Petroplus Adds Communications to its OpenTAS System

12/16/08 7:02 PM

Implico now Connects over 40 Third-Party Delivery Depots

Implico today announced that it has carried out a significant upgrade to the existing OpenTAS system at Petroplus, which is now linked to over 40 third-party delivery depots. As a result, Europe's biggest independent refinery operator and oil distributor is now able to manage all of its external loading depots in Germany with a single system. OpenTAS logs the details of all shipments checks them and automatically forwards them to the central Oracle system for accounting.
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Implico Chosen to Implement SAP and OpenTAS at Topaz

12/1/08 3:33 PM

Integrating 330 Service Stations and Five Depots in Ireland

Topaz is Irelands biggest Fuel Supplier with the largest network for services stations in the country. Topaz has chosen to partner with Implico, as the industry leader, to implement SAP. The project will commence in December and includes the implementation of two Implico developed high-end software products for the oil & gas industry, namely OpenTAS und SAP OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution). The key benefit for Topaz is moving to a highly integrated and scalable solution to manage their entire business, as well as supply their 330 service stations and connectivity to the depots.
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Technische Betriebsdienste Reutlingen (Reutlingen Technical Services) Commissions Implico

11/11/08 5:24 PM

More Transparency in Domestic Waste Disposal through Telematics System

The Implico Group has won an offer to tender from the Technische Betriebsdienste Reutlingen (TBR). The city-owned and operated company in Reutlingen, Germany, which is, among other also responsible for waste management, would in future also like to be able to invoice domestic waste disposal on a performance-related basis. Implico supports TBR in introducing the required telematics system and its integration into the existing SAP solution. As a result, Implico ensures that TBR has a future-proof basis for safe, efficient and transparent invoice accounting.
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Implico Offers SAP Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Waste Management Companies

10/17/08 8:02 PM

As of December 2008, the German version of Waste and Recycling One will be available

Now Implico also offers a SAP solution for small and medium-sized waste management companies:  Waste and Recycling One. In Great Britain the innovative solution is already successfully in use in numerous waste management companies. Currently it is adapted for the German market and enhanced with several functionalities. As of December this year, the German version will be on the market.
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OpenTAS Goes Live at the Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft

10/9/08 4:29 PM

Implico Implements State-of-the-Art Loading System

The Implico Group implemented with OpenTAS, a state-of-the-art loading system at the Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft mbH (WRG) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The oil refinery, belonging to the ConocoPhillips enterprise, now uses tank trucks, railcars, and ships.
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