Technische Betriebsdienste Reutlingen (Reutlingen Technical Services) Commissions Implico

11 November 2008

More Transparency in Domestic Waste Disposal through Telematics System

The Implico Group has won an offer to tender from the Technische Betriebsdienste Reutlingen (TBR). The city-owned and operated company in Reutlingen, Germany, which is, among other also responsible for waste management, would in future also like to be able to invoice domestic waste disposal on a performance-related basis. Implico supports TBR in introducing the required telematics system and its integration into the existing SAP solution. As a result, Implico ensures that TBR has a future-proof basis for safe, efficient and transparent invoice accounting.
Implico was able to convince TBR with successful references in this field. The international consultancy and software company also introduced, for example, a user-based accounting system for the Dresden sanitation department.
About Technische Betriebsdienste Reutlingen (TBR)
The Technischen Betriebsdienste Reutlingen is a city-owned and operated company in Reutlingen, Germany. Approximately 25 million Euro turnover per year is generated by ca. 260 staff members in five departments:
  • Waste management (waste collection, city cleaning/winter services, dumping grounds/chaff site)
  • Technical workshops (vehicle workshop, locksmith's workshop, carpenter's workshop, central warehouse)
  • Building services (road maintenance and water management)
  • Burial services (cemeteries, funeral service, crematoriums)
  • Green areas (Grass and lawn care, tree control).