Success with SAP Solutions at IFAT-ENTSORGA

21 September 2010

Strong Domestic and International Demand for Solutions from Implico

The Implico Group can look back with satisfaction on its exhibition at IFAT-ENTSORGA in Munich. Held from 13 to 17 September, the five days of the fair saw many representatives of national and international waste management companies visit the booth to find out more about the range of services offered by the consulting and software company. One focus of this interest was the Waste and Recycling One (WR One) solution. The SAP solution package for the scrap and metals trade unveiled at the fair by Implico and co-exhibitor Itelligence was met with great interest.
Implico consultants presented their innovative process solutions to numerous potential clients and many long-standing customers, including Tönsmeier, Veolia, AWM and BSR. Trade fair business was briskest on Wednesday.
Visitors traveled from Europe, North America, several Middle Eastern countries and New Zealand. Many of them made highly detailed inquiries. "Contacts made at the fair were of a high quality and are likely to produce actual projects," comments Torsten Peter, CEO of the Implico Group, in summarizing the fair.
Interest was greatest for WR One, with almost a third of all visitors inquiring about this low-cost, Business One-based solution package for small waste management firms. Here, almost half the inquiries came from abroad – as was also true for the pre-configured SAP Waste and Recycling Mid-Market system. Other interest focused on the SAP solution package for the scrap and metals trade, premiered at the fair, and IDM (Integrated Dispatch Management), the cross-industry SAP solution for dispatching, tour planning and tour optimization.
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