Implico brings second data center online

27 October 2015

The Implico Group today announced the official opening of its new data center in Hamburg. With its new DC, the global software and consulting company has again strengthened customer data security.

Implico-neues-Rechenzentrum.jpgPreviously, the company-owned data center at Implico’s Hamburg headquarters consisted of a redundant system with computing rooms located in separate fire compartments. With the opening of its second DC site, Implico has acted to stay compliant with more exacting standards for the safety and protection of processed data. Effective today, all data can now be stored in parallel at two systems that are located around ten kilometers apart – offering additional redundancy and failover protection in a worst-case scenario.

Location a key factor for data center siting

The final choice of a location in the north of Hamburg offers a number of benefits. “The new data storage location is far enough away to remain unaffected by local disasters occurring at the first DC – such as a major fire or gas leak,” explains Implico data center project manager Holger Steinmann. “We also have the opportunity to run a direct fiber optic link and redundant network connection between the two sites, which means we can synchronize data in real-time. Compared to the old setup, this gives us more options when responding to customer requirements involving high-availability system operations and data security.”

“Ensuring maximum availability for the data that we process plays a crucial role in keeping customer process flows running smoothly,” adds Implico Managing Partner Stephan Buhre. Even minor interruptions to data flow – to say nothing of actual data loss – can have a major economic impact. “Our decision to bring a second data center online once again improves the level of data security that we offer our customers. That the site is in Germany is also important due to data protection issues.”

High standards of security on-site

In addition to the physical separation between sites, Implico has also established high standards of on-site security. The data center itself is certified to ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), and the facility also features physical access controls, 24/7 security personnel, generators for off-grid operation, temperature/humidity control systems and protection against flooding.

Stephan Buhre, Managing Partner, (left) and Holger Steinmann, Head of IT Systems, at the Implico DC.