Rompetrol Automates Downstream Business in Romania

10 March 2016

Countrywide rollout of OpenTAS including integration of SAP system and field equipment at seven sites

Implico Rompetrol Automates Downstream BusinessRompetrol Downstream, part of KMG International Group, has started the extensive rollout of OpenTAS including complete SAP integration at several of its sites in Romania. The project also includes connecting the existing field equipment. Last week, the Zarnesti site was the fourth tank farm to go operational.

By implementing the integrated system landscape, the company will enjoy the benefits of an automated supply chain at six tank farms and the country’s largest refinery – Petromidia Navodari. The introduction of the automation solution developed by international software and consulting company Implico forms part of a USD 6 million modernization program that KMG International Group announced in late 2015. Rolling out the OpenTAS standard solution and introducing SA
P integration enables Rompetrol Downstream to comprehensively automate supply chain processes across all forms of transportation. The new solution also provides for comprehensive access control by automatic identification of truck and driver. The automatic preparation of delivery documents including the respective approvals creates the foundation for the trouble-free road transport of oil products.

Full integration of SAP and OpenTAS

In addition to Implico’s extensive experience in the downstream business, Rompetrol cites two other key reasons for selecting OpenTAS: the solution is not only independent of field equipment but can also be integrated seamlessly into the existing SAP system. This comprises SAP ERP plus SAP OGSD, an industry solution package that handles commercial oil and gas sector transactions, and which was also developed and implemented by Implico.

“This project is challenging as we deliver a central, fully automated supply chain system and create a seamless integration from terminal and refinery field equipment into Rompetrol’s corporate processes. We are certain that the new, optimized processes will ideally support the goals of KMG Rompetrol’s downstream business”, states Michael Martens, Managing Partner of Implico.

To document all of the sites’ process solutions in as much detail as possible, Implico worked in the planning phase with the KMG International Group team to draw up a comprehensive set of requirements. The solution design resulting from this process is based on the OpenTAS software suite and will also include custom functionality. The next project steps will see Implico implementing all process areas (including rail, truck and ship loading, stock management and LPG) and putting them into operation with Rompetrol Downstream.

OpenTAS template for all six tank terminals

Since Rompetrol Downsteam’s six Romanian terminals use similar business processes, Implico developed a software template that had first been implemented at the site in Mogosaia. Over the course of the year, the template will be reused step-wise at the other sites. With the countrywide rollout of OpenTAS, Rompetrol is creating a fully automated supply chain for its downstream business. A tightly integrated system architecture consisting of OpenTAS, SAP ERP and SAP OGSD will then manage the entire end-to-end process – from the order document in SAP and tank terminal requirements planning and loading to billing at head office.

Highly integrated system landscape: Rompetrol rolls out OpenTAS in Romania.
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