Refinery Heide, Germany, switches to OpenTAS

05 June 2012

Goals: simplified IT landscape, integration with SAP system and automated EMCS processes

The Refinery Heide GmbH has assigned Implico with the implementation of OpenTAS. The terminal management and terminal automation system will replace older outdated systems from two competitors. After the project completion, which is planned for January 2013, more than a third of the refineries in Germany will be using OpenTAS.
Logo-Refinery-Heide.jpgThe Refinery Heide was sold by Shell to the Klesch Group at the end of 2010. The IT landscape that was based on a GSAP (Global SAP) system was also part of the sale. It soon became clear that the medium-sized Refinery Heide needed updated logistics processes to cover their needs and stay competitive. To achieve this, the consulting and software company Implico will be implementing its newest OpenTAS version, the OpenTAS 5.0. This will ensure that the loading processes at the refinery will be significantly more efficient. OpenTAS is the only "SAP endorsed business solution" worldwide in the field of terminal management. The Refinery Heide profits not only from the seamless integration of OpenTAS with the refineries' SAP system but also from the fully integrated system landscape.
Another advantage of OpenTAS is that the necessary EMCS processes are completely integrated and run automatically in the background. This eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming entry and transfer of EMCS relevant data to customs via a designated portal. In addition, OpenTAS supports the new industry standards for data communication, IFLEXX and PIDX. This allows the Refinery Heide to replace the outdated transfer standard MPKS and to benefit from the advantages of the new standard in the future.
The oil and gas experts from Implico are not only replacing the previously used systems CSI Fuelfacs and Toptech TMS with OpenTAS; they are also including a middleware solution with direct connection to the SAP system. Michael Martens, Managing Director at Implico, explains: "The replacement of the different systems and the integration of business processes with the SAP system give the Refinery Heide a future-oriented IT structure for terminal management. With OpenTAS operating costs are decreased sustainably and the execution of new guidelines such as EMCS is facilitated tremendously."
About Refinery Heide GmbH
The Refinery Heide GmbH is a company of the Klesch Group and counts with about 560 employees as one of the biggest employers in the Dithmarschen area in Schleswig-Holstein. The company has a processing capacity of 5.5M tons of crude oil per year, which is as much as the entire crude oil market for Schleswig-Holstein. The Refinery Heide was built in 1940. It produces classic mineral oil products such as automotive gas, diesel and aviation fuel. In addition they produce light heating oil and base materials for the chemical industry.