Reaching the Target Quicker with XML

15 February 2008

OpenTAS transmits loading data to the onboard-computer 

The Implico Group sets new standards in data communication between the tank farm and the on-board computer. The OpenTAS solution enables the registration of all the necessary information during loading as a XML-file and makes it accessible to be forwarded to the tank truck’s on-board computer. This makes it possible for the driver to continue noticeably quicker with his tour and the quality of the data is significantly higher.
The tedious and error-prone entering of data from the delivery notes into the PDA or the on-board computer is now a thing of the past. OpenTAS, the standardized solution for the administration and automation of tank farms, refineries and delivery points, sends the actual data directly after the loading as a XML-file to the server of the respective shipping systems. The system can then forward the data records directly to the on-board computer of the tank truck.
Now the driver has all the necessary information at his disposal in his on-board computer: the loaded amounts, indicating the compartment, density and temperature, as well as the different loading time-stamps, e.g. entrance, loading and exit.
These new possibilities of OpenTAS in the field of data communication, make it considerably easier for the driver, avoid inaccurate entries and significantly increase the efficiency of the transport processes.