Implico optimizes processes for Tyczka Energie

16 November 2012

Optimized controlling and reporting  / Integration of service station business / Upgrade to latest version of SAP OGSD

Since the first week of November, Tyczka Energie GmbH has been working with a newly designed SAP landscape, enabling the liquefied petroleum gas supplier to benefit from optimized processes and improved transparency in controlling. For the restructuring of its SAP processes, Tyczka once again relied on the SAP expertise of the consulting and software company Implico. Over the course of the project, Tyczka was also upgraded to the latest release of SAP OGSD 6.1, Implico’s all-in-one solution for the downstream industry. The integration of Tyczka’s service station business, reverse VAT charges and an oil quantity calculator are just a few of the other new features that the company is currently enjoying. Thanks to professional project management, the project was completed on schedule and within budget.

Tyczka-tank-car.jpgTyczka Energie from Geretsried south of Munich is a long-standing customer of the Implico Group. In April 2012, Implico won the “Business Process Reengineering” contract from Tyczka. The project started in May, when the IT experts from Implico began to migrate and optimize Tyczka’s SAP processes, particularly those for financial accounting and logistics. Among other things, the controlling system was completely overhauled and restructured. Numerous logistics processes were optimized as well in order to meet the future demands of the market.
In addition to restructuring existing processes, Implico implemented a number of new processes. For example, service stations whose LPG pumps are replenished by Tyczka were integrated into the company’s SAP system. Implico also developed interfaces to connect the service station suppliers. Furthermore, Implico integrated an oil quantity calculator into Tyczka’s existing processes. This makes it possible to take the effects of temperature and density into account when calculating the quantity of each gas delivery, giving Tyczka much better control over the quantity and valuation of its products.
The redesigned SAP system also means that Tyczka is now up to date in terms of customs and tax issues as well. Implico integrated processes such as reverse charges, meaning that the VAT burden is shifted from the service provider to the recipient of the services. The new SAP system is also capable of handling transactions in different currencies.
Finally, Tyczka can now take advantage of automated billing directly after its order data has been collated so that orders can be billed much more quickly than before.
About Tyczka
Tyczka Energie GmbH is the management company of the medium-sized Tyczka Group based in Geretsried. Its core fields of business comprise supplying liquid gas (propane and butane), industrial gases and carbon dioxide.

Tyczka tank car, © Tyczka Energie GmbH