New Management Structure

13 March 2018

Implico-Thomas-Ernst-Office-TH.jpgDear business partners,

You are familiar with Implico through our close and, in some cases, long-standing cooperation with you. Our software and our services are critically important to most of our customers. We are aware of this responsibility. The managing partners of the Implico Group therefore continually work to improve our performance and our services. This includes ensuring a lean organization and efficient leadership.

We have therefore decided to reduce our number of managing directors. Mr. Michael Martens and Mr. Kay-Peter Buhtz will therefore step down from the Executive Management. The responsibilities of Mr. Martens and Mr. Buhtz will be taken over by the remaining managing directors.

These measures will guarantee both the continuity and quality of our services in the long term and the development of new and innovative products and services.

We thank you for your confidence in us and look forward to continuing to support you as a reliable partner in the future.

On behalf of the Executive Management of Implico GmbH

Thomas Ernst
Spokesman for the Executive Management