Tank Storage Asia 2010: More than automation

06 October 2010

Implico at Stands 8 & 9 / One-stop-shop for liquid process management

The Implico Group today announced its participation in this year's Tankstorage Asia 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From November 10 to November 11, 2010, the international software and consulting company will inform visitors at stands 8 & 9 of the latest developments related to the oil & gas supply chain. Implico is a one-stop-shop for liquid process management, including Storage, Loading, Transportation and Terminal Management as well as Planning, Dispatching, Tax Handling, Communications, and Integration.

New Developments in OpenTAS

Implico will be presenting new developments in OpenTAS, the high-end Terminal Automation & Administration Software and enhancements to the self-installing TTS700 solution, developed with FMC Technologies.

Full Range of Services

Implico provides a full range of services, giving the customer a convenient single source to match his requirements in terms of Hardware & Field Equipment, Engineering Services, Software Solutions and Consulting Services. This is proven to be cost-effective, secure and efficient.

Seamless Integration

OpenTAS is able to communicate seamlessly by taking orders from SAP or any financial systems (ERPs) execute it via its integration to the SCADA systems and sent the completed transaction data back to SAP or any financial systems (ERPs) for financial reporting. Thus OpenTAS communication module acts as the integration layer between the field equipment and the financial back end system ensuring no loss of data in the process. OpenTAS can co-exist with existing third party TAS systems.


New Functionalities for Edible Oil Industry

OpenTAS is Implico’s standard software product for the oil and gas industry. This industry traditionally deals with Storage, Movement and Transaction of large quantities of liquid fuels, gases and other refined products. Recently, OpenTAS was extended to also serve the edible oil industry, which shares the need for managing liquids and gases with the oil and gas industry.


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