Top trends at StocExpo 2015: Mobility, real-time reporting and user-friendliness

11 February 2015

Downstream-out-of-the-Cloud: Implico presents IT solutions of the future for the tank terminal industry

When the European terminal industry meets in Rotterdam from 17–19 March for StocExpo 2015, the international consulting and software company Implico will show the direction of current developments. Mobile solutions, the ability to handle large volumes of data in a fast way and, above all, radically simplified operation – these will be the major trends in the industry. Implico presents cutting-edge services and solutions at stand L16 – as an onsite solution, an outsourcing system or out-of-the-cloud. 



There is no question that the future belongs to mobile solutions. The sales representative for a storage provider can directly retrieve information on available capacity and terms while visiting a customer. The head of operations can maintain an overview of the situation in the terminal. And finally, customers can see at all times what amounts of which products they have in which terminals. All these are offered by the OpenTAS TFM (Tank Farm Management) app. OpenTAS TFM will be on display at the Implico stand along with other mobile B2B and end customer solutions.

High-end Reporting

Big data handling is another important future trend. The new OpenTAS KPI Dashboard provides all-time transparency and flexibility in the analysis of transaction data. This solution enables access to all of the necessary parameters and reports in real time through a single clear interface. Users can individually specify which information they require for their work within the constraints of their usage rights. The OpenTAS KPI Dashboard, which runs on desktop computers as well as mobile tablets, offers unrivaled flexibility.

Data Exchange

Due to a steadily increasing data exchange there is the implicit necessity of an effective monitoring of data traffic. The new Data Exchange Cockpit is the central tool for the visualization, control and monitoring of the communication with customers, partners and suppliers. Problems can now be easily identified and efficiently corrected. A dashboard displays all transactions at a glance. Before any further processing, data is checked and, if necessary, held back until the explicit release. Therefore only data is transmitted to the system that meets the quality demands and security claims.

Easy dispatch of tank trucks

Implico also presents with the Truck Operations Cockpit (TOC) a control centre for all tasks in the field of the fully automated dispatch of tank trucks. All important functions for monitoring, problem detection and problem solving are combined in one central tool. For those errors the dispatcher has to act on is either offered a direct solution or, for any more complex case, the solution strategy is outlined to the user. Implico has identified 95% of the most common problem cases and offers for these the ideal solution in the TOC.


The tools of the future are one thing above all else: simple. This means clear, comprehensible and intuitive to use. Operations employees will no longer have to click through countless screens; instead, they will be guided through a process by intelligent software. This makes the tools more comfortable to use, speeds up processes, reduces sources of error and drastically cuts the time it takes to become familiar with the solutions. At stand L16, Implico will show how easy it will be to use the OpenTAS terminal management and terminal automation system.

Within the official conference programme on day two at 4:30 p.m. Implico, Dimitris Pagonis (International Senior Sales Manager) and BP, Thomas Kockisch (Global Functional Architect Logistics), will give a presentation together; “Optimizing the supply chain using standards in data exchange”. They will present a successful project on the subject data communication.

Additionally Implico will give four presentations on the latest trends at Speakers Corner:

17th March 2015 2:35 – 2:55 p.m. "Terminal Management out of the cloud – how your supply chain will look like tomorrow", Michael Martens, Managing Partner, Implico Group

18th March 2015 2:00 – 2:20 p.m. "Software Assisted Ship Handling Optimization", Michael Martens, Managing Partner, Implico Group and Adam Nurdin, Cirrus Logistics

18th March 2015 3:10 – 3:30 p.m. "Challenges of Data Communication", Jürgen König, Head of International Sales Oil & Gas, Implico Group

19th March 2015 11:30 – 11:50 a.m. "Mobility and Internet Monitoring for Terminal Management & Stock Overviews", Steven Piper, International Sales & Account Manager Oil & Gas, Implico Group

StocExpo 2015, 17 – 19 March 2015, Rotterdam. Implico: Stand L16