Mobile access to terminal information

18 October 2012

Available in the AppStore now for iPhone and iPad: OpenTAS TFM

The Implico Group has launched an app for its OpenTAS product range – OpenTAS TFM. The app has been available from the AppStore since the beginning of the month. The mobile solution is aimed both at tank storage providers and customers who are storing their products in a terminal and want to get information about their current stock. This new app requires that the refinery or the terminal is working with the OpenTAS terminal management and terminal automation system. TFM stands for Tank Farm Management. The app provides users from management, sales and operations with real-time information about inventory levels and movements at the respective depots.
OpenTAS TFM provides tank storage providers and their customers with instant mobile access to real-time data about the tank farms via their iPhone or iPad. They can check inventory levels and the capacity available, for example, or obtain details of specific delivery data of planned and actual quantity for the modes of transport – tank truck, railcar, and ship. With the support of the app customers who store their products in a third party terminal can see their own information, and tank storage providers the inventory levels of all their customers at a glance. 
The current version of OpenTAS TFM is available free of charge. It has been designed to demonstrate the benefits of having mobile access to OpenTAS and therefore uses fictitious customer data for demonstration purposes only. Using the app with individual real-time data from the OpenTAS system, a user license has to be acquired.
For further information or any questions about the app, please get in contact with us at OpenTAS_TFM@implico.com.
Mobile access to terminal informationen with OpenTAS TFM, © Implico