Major AWM Project Completed Successfully

28 January 2008

Implico mapped all the core business processes in SAP Waste and Recycling 

The Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München (AWM) recognized that, with the stiff competition in the waste disposal industry nowadays, having efficient business processes is often the key advantage. With their major project, W@BE, the biggest waste disposal company in Germany prepared themselves against the increase in competition. Their goals was to have all of the company’s core logistic business processes mapped and implemented in the SAP business solution, Waste and Recycling. AWM entrusted the implementation of the second stage of the project to Implico and its partner companies KPMG and Geoptima, with their comprehensive advisory skills and their long experience in the industry.
The goal of the project was the realization of all the W@BE sub-projects, including the sub-project, municipal invoicing - as well as complete integration of all the sub-projects. Implico realized the project as general contractor. In terms of content the project W@BE was divided into four parts:
  • Mapping the business areas container service, bulky waste collection, and self-deliverers
  • Integrating the waste disposal verification procedure and balance data systems#
  • Implementing a graphical route planning and -optimization for the collection services
  • Integrating the SAP municipal invoicing preparation into the complete system.
Implico carried the complex W@BE II project out through multiple go-live steps. During the route planning part of the project the project team was confronted with an unexpected time consuming challenge. At short notice the collection services part had to be planned completely new, due to the current changes in the public services’ tariff law (TVöD). The replanning made it for the AWM, their employees available, and the planned schedule, impossible to either stay on schedule or to stay in budget. Therefore the route planning part was given priority. Within only five months an extensive tool for efficient replanning of routes was available.
”After successfully completing the AWM project, we again proofed our extensive know-how in SAP Waste and Recycling.” says Peer Höltje, project manager, Implico. ”We also reached the optimal combination. The part of the complete system implemented by us supports, on the one hand the waste disposal industry standards and on the other hand, the individual particularities and strengths of AWM.”
About AWM (Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München)
AWM is the biggest municipal waste disposal company in Germany. With approximately 1300 employees, AWM ensures that 390.000 residual waste-, bio-waste-, and waste paper containers at 741.000 households in Munich are emptied punctually. This service is enhanced with the collecting of bulky waste, container services and the operation of 12 recycling yards, a waste incineration plant, and a fermentation plant.