Introducing Supply Chain United and QINO vNext at StocExpo 2020

03 March 2020

Terminal management leaders Implico and Brainum to showcase innovative cloud solutions and web services in Rotterdam


200303_PR_Implico-Brainum-StocExpo-Rotterdam-Img-DataInternational tank terminal IT providers Implico and Brainum will present their newest innovations, Supply Chain United (SCU) and QINO vNext, at booth J8 of StocExpo 2020. The event takes place in Rotterdam from March 10 to 12. Supply Chain United is a cross-company architecture of interconnected cloud solutions and web services. Their purpose is to orchestrate and streamline all downstream supply chain processes with multiple participants. Supply Chain United offers oil and gas companies a maximum of collaboration, transparency, security and convenience across all areas of business – be it tank storage, forecasting, dispatching, sales or settlement. Also, Implico and Brainum will present the upcoming terminal management system QINO vNext, which will be a vital element of Supply Chain United, and the established terminal management systems OpenTAS TMS and QINO Now.


QINO vNext is the industry’s first fully cloud-based terminal management system. It handles all business processes at a liquid bulk terminal, from contract to invoice and everything in between. QINO vNext is close to launch at a pilot location in Belgium. At StocExpo, visitors to the joint Implico and Brainum stand will get a first-hand introduction to this next generation terminal management system out of the cloud. Another SCU innovation is the web service “Online Check-in”. Quick to set up and easy to use, it offers immediate business benefits to truck drivers, dispatchers, back office managers and tank terminal operators alike.


“Supply Chain United has the potential to fundamentally change the way that downstream companies do business with each other,” says Tim Hoffmeister, CEO of Implico. “At StocExpo 2020, we look forward to discussing this new concept with partners, peers and other professionals from every area of our trade – and show them where we want to be tomorrow and where we already are today.”


Martin Keulemans, Managing Director of Brainum, points out: “Very soon, the first storage facility will go live with QINO vNext. Being able to run a powerful, adaptive and feature-rich terminal management system out of the cloud – that is a huge milestone, not only for the Supply Chain United portfolio, but also for the industry in general. During the design of QINO vNext, we specifically aimed at making this terminal management system much easier to implement and run. We are really proud of QINO vNext and cannot wait to see how the StocExpo audience reacts to it.”


StocExpo is the largest and longest running event in the bulk liquid storage industry with an eye firmly on the future. In 2020, it takes place at the Rotterdam Ahoy from March 10 to 12.

Image: © Implico

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