Implico expertise supports Gunvor’s refinery investment in Ingolstadt

18 December 2012

Master agreement signed

Continuing its long-standing service to the refinery in Ingolstadt, Implico has signed a master agreement to provide consultancy, licensing, maintenance and support services to Gunvor, the new owner of the Ingolstadt-based refinery and marketing division. The first consultancy project covered by this master agreement is already underway.
Gunvor-Logo-en.pngSince 2004, the Ingolstadt refinery has been using OpenTAS, one of the leading terminal management and automation systems. Implico has provided software and consultancy during this time. Even through the Petroplus insolvency process, OpenTAS system was kept running enabling the refinery to use sales to improve its liquidity.
Gunvor completed its acquisition in August, and the Ingolstadt refinery’s processing operations have since been managed under Gunvor Raffinerie Ingolstadt GmbH while the German marketing arm operates as Gunvor Deutschland GmbH.
Once Gunvor’s ownership had been approved, Implico’s oil and gas experts took just a few days to customize the OpenTAS systems to the new structures and requirements. As a result, the loading process for both types of transportation – tank trucks and railroad tank cars – was back online on the day Gunvor assumed control. Product marketing by the marketing company was also able to resume immediately on this date. During the period of insolvency, Implico had also been careful to migrate the processes to version 2.0 of the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) – the European system used for the transportation of goods subject to excise duty. As a result, Gunvor was also fully up-to-date from a customs/tax perspective even before operations started. Since the beginning of October, the sending and/or receiving of duty-suspended excisable goods has been possible only with the new EMCS version 2.0.
“The ability of Implico’s team to help facilitate the refinery restart by get the loading process for both types of transportation – tank trucks and railroad tank cars – and product marketing back online within days of Gunvor’s acquisition demonstrated the clear value we offer,” said Steffen Schliesing, Senior Account Manager at Implico.
About Gunvor Group
Gunvor Group is one of the world's largest independent commodity trading companies by turnover, providing integrated trading products and logistics services for participants in the worldwide oil and energy markets. The Group’s main trading offices are in Geneva, Singapore, Nassau and Dubai, with a network of representative offices around the globe.
About Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt (GRI)
GRI is an inland refinery serving markets in Southern Germany und Upper Austria. Crude oil supply arrives via the TAL pipeline system, a 753 kilometer pipeline connection from the marine shipping terminal in Trieste, Italy. Products are shipped from the on-site truck-loading rack and railcar-loading facilities. This enables a stable distribution into the local markets. Light products, gasoline and middle distillates such as diesel, heating oil and jet fuel are sold predominantly in Germany and Austria.